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    Hey ladies, I just wanted some honest opinions on a weird situation. I’ve been dating this guy for a little over a month. He was the one pretty actively pursuing me with 2 dates/week ish. He put in a lot of time, money and effort to get to know me. He planned thoughtful dates, texted me Good Morning and Goodnight, went out of his way to see me, the whole 9 yards, you know what I’m talking about. The guy even gave me a sweatshirt to remind me of him when we’re apart and showed photos of me to his sister LOL. We were not exclusive but definitely headed there, and yes we did sleep together but we had created an emotional connection before.

    Here’s the sitch: he kind of went off the grid this week with his family in town. No texts, no calls, no snapchats, nothing. Only liking my instagram photo. I knew his family would be in town, but that doesn’t really seem like a reason to completely stop contacting me. I can’t imagine being SO busy with family that I would completely disregard someone I’m dating. I was the last to call/text him a week ago, and I am firmly standing my ground on not chasing men. People need space, I get it. It just doesn’t feel right to me. Obviously I’m feeling that maybe he’s fading me out and suddenly changed his mind about me. It is just super weird given how serious he seemed earlier.

    Has anyone been through something similar? I would love to see anyone else’s take.
    Thanks a lot, girls!

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    You said you dated this guy for a month? That is not enough time to get to know someone in my opinion, therefore you are here asking about his behavior.

    You are sleeping with someone you do not know. That is clear. Are you sure his family is in town or is he seeing another woman? Why is he not introducing you to his family if you are exclusive?

    Something does not feel right to me here.

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    RCS-she said not exclusive.I agree though that something seems off. I can see not being in touch for a couple of days when people are visiting-but a week it pretty long/odd. I know it has just been a little over a month-but speaking as the Mom of a 24 year old guy-he wanted me to meet the girl he started dating about 3 weeks ago and never misses a chance to tell me how wonderful she is. Sorry, Wholehearted-do not contact him. if another few days goes by without word then MOA. Hate to harp on the sex thing-but it may have been he was after that and that was it.
    Next time wait until you are sure things are going somewhere and exclusivity has been established.

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    A few days if the family is in town would seem normal to me– he’s busy etc. A week is really pushing it IMHO.

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    For anyone interested, he broke up with me today. The moment a man pulls away, he’s alreay gone

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    So sorry. I do agree if a man pulls away, especially in the beginning, its a bad sign.

    You have to remember infatuation rarely evolves into love, and that’s the hardest part about dating especially if you really like them. Until a guy is consistent for a long period of time, like several months, its not a sure thing. Always best to keep your options open and continue to date/see others until you know where a man stands. Don’t fall into the ‘rush’ trap; those who do usually burn out quickly.

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