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    I can’t seem to post could it be too long? This is a test!

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    Yup! This posted fine!

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    Maybe you’re using a ‘banned’ word…

    Try cutting your post in length-

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    Yeah certain words are banned. Some are obvious, like swear words. (Some people try to say “my boyfriend treats me sh1ty” – just say “my boyfriend treats me poorly”.) Some are not obvious like m_a_g_i_c or f_o_r_e_i_g_n. Banned because scammers usually use words like that in their posts. And sometimes posts ‘disappear’ if people try to find creative ways to say the banned words. Hopefully you’ll see this before it disappears!

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    kathy wilson

    70 and still learning about men. Same rules and emotions apply even at 70. Widowed at 69, met a man who is 5 years younger, got very close, lived together for over a year, spent alot of time together, then he decided on new job as OTR truck driver, and left quickly, but we still wanted a relationship, even though we knew he would only be home infrequently. Mainly done for income reasons, as neither of us saved for retirement. Great contact, all remained good until second home visit, where he stated, “I love you but don’t want the responsibility of a relationship, I need to do things for me, as I’ve always done for everyone else.” I understood, due to his history. I backed off, stopped texting, calling, etc. after one week, he started calling daily again, sharing pictures of amazing snow drifts, places he was driving to, etc. Next home visit was this Xmas, we spent almost all the time together, but no love words were spoken, and the sex stopped, yes sex is still good at 70, but we still remained close. Slowly, the calls were shortened by him, now he calls once a week, casual talk. I continue to hang on, still refer to him as my partner, I know there is not anyone else, although he does flirt with others, and we banter back and forth all in fun. I appreciate what we had and or still have. Just wanted to comment that “if it’s meant to be it will be.” Even at 70. It hurts alot that his feelings have been put on hold, and yes I go through all the younger woman’s emotions, maybe even harder, due to my age, I date other men, but casually, and force myself to socialize. I have continued to fly even with broken wings, but will always hope that things will be better the next time around between us. Yes, your stories/experiences have helped me to smile and get through alot of tears and fears. Simply put, thank you from a young 70 year old.

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