Can one be active on social media (FB, IG) but hate texting in relationships?

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    Someone who says she isn’t much of a texter but seems to enjoy social media – is it possible?

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    Better off single

    Social media is mindless and all you have to do is click on a thumbs up, heart, or emoji.

    Texting requires thought.

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    yep that would be me, I hate texting I find it a waste of time , social media like someone said is mindless you post something you don’t have to engage or answer back.
    also if you want to get to know someone do it in person not over text

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    Kim ford

    yes, you don’t require really thinking what to say to do social media, but in texting sometimes you have to look into yourself an see to figure what answer you want to give -whether it is a true feeling, or you might be confused to what feeling you have to text. Me I’d rather text than call for I get tongue tied, or turn red faced. Texting I can truly get my feelings down an if I made a mistake redo the part, if talking you can’t take back an reword something, its out there. In texting I can look over an see what mistakes may need corrected. But sometimes cell phones have minds of their own when you hit the send button an it totally changes your word.

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    Safe to assume that someone who doesn’t text much also isn’t going to DM much.

    Hitting the “like” button is today’s way of staying remotely connected. It’s sad, really.

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    Yes it’s possible. I’m not active on social media but when I was, I noticed some people were strange. They didn’t say a word to me in person, 1on1 texting, but acted like they were my best friend on a public post. And then there were these rare couples who had what looked like DMs about all sorts of topics on a public post. Bizarre but interesting behavior :)

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    I’m like that. I’m incredibly busy during the day at work, and at night with cooking dinner, bathing children, homework etc. If i respond on a text, it’s going to become an actual conversation, and i moslty know i’ll be too distracted focussing on other things.

    FB however is a 1 minute scroll and hitting post on a few funnies. takes not time or actual attention.

    i have a friend who doesn’t text me at all ever, but every so often he’ll ask when can he call. then he’ll call me and we’ll catch up and have an actual converstion. so much better

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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