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    “I would look back, but I’m scared of heights”

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    Of course not. What was the context of this statement from? What were you discussing at the time.

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    My ex boyfriend had wrote it on his status.

    I didn’t understand the meaning of it.

    I wondered if it was meant for me

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    Stop stalking your ex. And trying to read meaning into things. If he was trying to tell you something meaningful he would tell you directly and not through a cryptic Facebook status.

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    He’s closer to the edge of something and he’s afraid of falling backward.

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    That he feels he’s improved his life in some way(s) and looking back would risk bringing him down again. Not sure if he intended it to be a general statement, or if he was trying to get in a dig at someone lol

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    He wants to return to his transvestism life style, but doesn’t like the shoes?

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    Anne Ohio

    Hes just trying to be clever. He wants to be viewed as clever on Facebook. Its not clever, it’s kinda doofy.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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