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    Met a guy online 1st date at a fancy restaurant, 5 mintues in he asks why I didn’t use an uber XL instead of the cheap uber x!!! then asks why i dont have an iphone ? (i use Note)
    then asks wht i do ,i said i just graduated med school now applying for residency. He goes to say so you will be making money during residency right? I i said yes but not crazy money like after residency.

    He was really nice ,got me flowers,,asked for a date next day! i agree ,we go out ,even more monetary questions, then we made out and got intimate i n the car 3rd date we slept together. Then he disappeared!

    did he dump me for my money!

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    He dumped you because he’s a jerk that only wanted sex.
    Good riddance!

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    Fake post

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    Lol this one was funny 😄

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    I am not fake! This has happened to me ! i am in shock ! and need people’s opinion so plz dont assume its fake.

    One more note: He divorced and his wife took loads of his money in the divorce settlement.

    I am not making any money yet as i am not in residency yet.

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    How much money did you give him?

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    I didn’t give him any! he was worried that I am still not making enough money . In reality i dont make nearly as he make

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    His chat was superficial. Probably saying all this money talk to make you think he’s a big shot. In truth, he wanted sex. He’s got what he wanted & now he’s gone.

    Dont be so quick to jump into sexual relationships with men you barely know.

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    Better off single

    Wow. I aint sayin he’s a gold digger This dude aint messing with no broke…women…

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    He didn’t want your money- He wanted sex…

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    I highly suggest you learn more about your opponent (men). They love sex, think about it all the time (testosterone) and if they can get it easy, they will take it! You were an easy target for him, he got what he wanted (sex) and is onto his next conquest, aka “notch on his belt.”

    Its man v. woman. A man wants to conquer a woman for sex, and a woman wants to capture a man’s heart. Two wholly opposite objectives, wheres if the man get the sex first he wins, if the woman captures his heart, she wins. The only way to know a man’s true intentions is to NOT have sex with him! Seriously, get to know men on a personal level only by keeping sex off the table for a good while, at least a couple months, as it helps to weed out the ‘sex only’ guys, like this one.

    Additionally BELIEVE THE NEGATIVES!!! When a man speaks negatively he’s in it for sex. A man who’s actively trying to impress a lady, at least one he’s truly smitten with, would never speak this way to her. This man wasn’t trying to impress you in any way; literally within a few seconds of seeing you he was thinking “she’ll be easy to get sex from” as he was right out of the gate arrogant, controlling, and a walking talking narcissist! I suggest you take some psychology coursework so to weed out these types super early, as this should have been a *hell no* on the first date! I think you’ve been living in books and school for too long. Its time to start learning how people, especially men, operate in real life, so you can weed out guy’s like this early (first date), by improving your *guy picker* or *guydar* so your not so easy to conquer for sex.

    In a nutshell, learning how men think (about sex a lot) and operate should be your next course of study.

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    Am thinking it had nothing to do with your money but it likely had to do with him not wanting to emotionally invest in you because of where he is in life.

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    I am not going to slut shame you, because it does not help. However, if you are going to have sex early, you must do so assuming that he might call, or he might not and most likely won’t. If you have any expectations at all, you should not be having sex. Period. Before a man is your boyfriend, you should give 0 Fs about what he does or does not do.

    Also, I hate to say it, but the most you should ever be doing in a car with a man who is not your boyfriend is kissing.

    If you want a man to treat you classy, you need to act classy. This does not mean you should not be getting down and dirty, but he has to earn that. It is not what is offered off the bat, in my opinion.

    That said, if you are one of the rare women who can have fully liberated sex with no expectations, then none of this matters. But since you are upset he has disappeared, then you had hopes and expectations.

    Also, you should not be available the next night for another date. Make him pace it and miss you.

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