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    My boyfriend has a very close female friend with whom he hangs out twice a month. I recently realized (through someone else and some digging) that they used be friends with benefits. He even cheated on his ex girlfriend with that fwb.

    After I confronted him he claimed that they’re just hanging out as friends. I know she still jokes about their previous sex encounters but I don’t think they’re sleeping together after he started dating me. (six months)

    I feel pretty hurt that he never told me. How mad should I be about this situation and what should I do?

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    Who else is present when they hang?
    Who initiates the hang?
    Where do they hang?

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    They’re still sleeping together. Sorry.

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    Are they hanging out alone? are you ever invited? Hanging out twice a month is a lot of “pals” or “friends”. He never told you about this. None of it sounds good. Sorry. “He even cheated on his ex girlfriend with that fwb.” – did he tell you that? how did you find out? Chances are high he is still sleeping with her “occasionally”, as I am sure you are thinking this yourself.

    How mad should you be? I don’t understand when women ask such questions. As mad as you feel. Act the way you feel. You were never invited, he hid this from you. For most women this would be a deal breaker.

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    I’d tell him I felt really uncomfortable with him “hanging out” with her.. Who knows what goes on?! Tell him this is a bad situation for you to be in.. Since in the past he has cheated on a girlfriend with her. I’d say “It her or me, baby.” And I’d drop him if you aren’t important enough.

    This is nonsense!

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    Thanks for the reply! To answer some of the questions:

    1. Yes, they hang out alone. I’m not sure who initiated but I’m guessing both. They usually have dinner and chat. I’m never invited because the ex-fwb doesn’t want me to be there. I’ve never met her in person.

    2. I don’t think they’re still sleeping together right now as my boyfriend tells me before and after and where they hang out and it doesn’t seem to be suspicious. The problem is that he never told me she is an ex-fwb.

    3. I found out he cheated on his ex with her because he once told me how he cheated because he wasn’t happy in that relationship and all that. I realized that the ex-fwb fits some of the description of that story and asked him. He admitted that it was her that he cheated with.

    I’m wondering if giving him an ultimatum like Kathy advised is a good idea. He might see her behind my back and not tell me about it at all. There’s no way I would know.

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    Find an ex-FWB of your own to start hanging out with in the same way, and see how he likes it.

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    The ex-fwb still has a thing for your guy…
    Your guy needs better boundaries.

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    She doesn’t want to meet the woman she is helping him cheat on.

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    This is a matter that requires some careful handling. Your bf is apt to view any request polite to stop seeing her etc as you being controlling and manipulative. Men know that women often try to bully them for their own amusement and are not half as upset as they claim to be.

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    You are right, he can simply not tell you he is still meeting up with her. And you’d never know for sure if they are having sex or not. Because he is not going to say yes we are. But if you are cool with this, then do nothing.

    Twice a month is too often for pals but just right for FWB. it is possible they are not having sex now, but who is to say they won’t start hacving it again. Lets say the two of you have an argument. You piss him off with something. He has a history of cheating, and he had already hid this quite sensitive thing from you. If you can trust him despite all this then everything is cool. But I can tell that you cannot, otherwise you won’t be posting here. In your shoes most women would not be ok with this situation. He knows that and that’s why he hid it from you.

    I’d try to invite myself to those meetups. Then the frequency of them needs to decrease to once every few weeks and then every few months. And texting too. However, this FWB would always be there on the background, “ready to strike”. Not a nice setup for you, sorry to say.

    If you are afraid of the ultimatum then you know his feelings for you are not very strong. If a man is serious about you, some past FWB would not be an issue. Especially he is meeting her way too often. I don’t get to see my close friends that often, even when I wish to.

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    I can absolutely see why you aren’t happy. There’s a real problem that she doesn’t want you included I can tell you, and another big problem that he’s ok with that too. He cheated on his ex wit her, and off they go for dates now too that you are kept out the scene of at her request. Are you sure that’s even true and it isn’t him keeping you apart? People have a way of normalising things that aren’t normal simply by telling the truth. That doesn’t make it ok to do just because he’s told you. This all sounds too much for a partner to be ok with in my opinion and you are right to have a problem with it. What to do? I’m increasingly of the opinion that you have to let people do what they will, and you react accordingly. So if this is ok for him and not you, you say this isn’t something you’re comfortable with so you’ll make your choices based on his, and end it with him. No need for ultimatum.

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    I completely understand your mindset. I would be pretty concerned if my partner was having frequent meet-ups with an ex FWB without me. If you were invited to these catch ups it would be a different story. How come this other woman doesn’t want you there? She probably isn’t over your boyfriend. I would be really cautious. He may not be sleeping with her and if he is it’s not like he’s going to tell you is it?

    As one poster suggested maybe it might be a good idea to invite yourself to these meet ups to see the dynamic of their relationship, how they interact. If it seems dodgy I would then bring it up with your boyfriend that it makes you uncomfortable for them to be spending so much time together and maybe find out why he needs to see her so much? If it was just a platonic friend it would be fine but this isn’t just a female friend.

    I personally would never date anyone with a history of cheating because if they can do it once they may have the thought of doing it again. You deserve to be with someone who puts you first. You’re not a second to a woman from his past.

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    if they are really good friends, over and above having been fwb as well, i can completely understand why he wants to keep her in his life. i want to keep my friends in my life as well.

    refusing that you meet her and join in any of their get togethers is however a really big red flag. you tend to be accomodating to your significant other over your friends. spend more time with your significant other. invite your significant other with on visits with friends etc. so wanting to hang out alone so often and putting her feelings of not wanting to meet you first, is dodgy to say the least

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    Has your bf told anyone about you? I would possibly guess he hasn’t told the ex-FWB about you. I would want to meet my friends girlfriend- where he is saying she doesn’t want to meet you. He may be keeping her around in case things don’t work out between you both. That way your a secret and he can begin something very easily. That’s why I asked if you’ve met his group of friends

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    dude this is shady af. i get you being upset cuz i would be furious if my bf did that. HE would become MY FWB instead and id find someone else lol. I bet he’s gonna be jealous when you find a hotter guy who treats you better. this boy got the audacity to hang out with a girl he cheated with before on his ex and not invite you. ….all you get is “she don’t wanna meet you” nope…just nope . i bet she doesn’t know you exist or shes feeling guilty (for some reason, i wonder). . ask him wtf is up and if you don’t get an answer your comfortable with its not worth it…6 months pffft def not worth it….

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    I am so sorry to hear you are going through this because I can completely relate. My fiance has an ex he was with for a few years and even helped raise her 2 kids. She was an awful person. Drug addict, compulsive liar, manipulator, promiscuous, spent 2 years in prison, lost custody of 2 kids and could care less, collects a government check for something that was completely untrue, enough for her to live off of and afford her drugs. Well anyways, my fiance had cheated on on kf his exs with her and vice versa. She cheated on her ex husband with him.
    I do not understand for the life of me why he continuously keeps her in his life even though she manipulates him, threatens him, blows up his phone obnoxiously, constantly asks him for favors, ect.
    I expressed to him many times how much it hurts me when i find out that they have been seeing each other behind my back. But yet he still continues to do it. I have just given up. I told him she wins and will always win because obviously she provides him something that I’ll never be able to no matter how much it hurts me.
    I advise you to not succumb the way I did. Dont give up. Stand your ground. Maybe write him a nkte expressing how this affects you and if he truly cares he will understand and be willing to make compromises. If not, tell him you just can not be in a relationship with this issue constantly in the back of your mind. What is so special about her that he needs in his life? What is she providing him?
    Sadly people these days don’t stay friends unless they are obtaining something beneficial from the other person.
    Maybe try contacting her and getting her side. You may be surprised.
    Sorry so long, but I feel very strongly about this topic from having gone through it myself. I truly wish you the best and hope things work out! Remember be strong and stand your ground! ❇

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    Look,he’s sleeping with her

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    T from NY

    We all get to choose what type of relationship we are in. At 1 month, 6 months, a year in — our partner can exhibit behaviors that cause us to make a choice.

    For me — I would never date a man that hangs out with a female friend one on one on a regular basis. Nothing to do with insecurity. I’m from the south and it’s about old fashioned values of — the appearance of things MATTERS. And I also ESPECIALLY wouldn’t be okay with my partner hanging out with a woman he’s had sex with. ESPECIALLY if she also was someone he cheated with.

    I mean. To me this is a no brainer. You deserve to feel secure and respected in your relationship. This dude has a side piece. Even if they are not shagging (of course they are) — it’s still an emotional relationship due to their history. Which would be FINE if they saw each other on occasion to catch up. As in — they have their own lives — and live them. But they are still actively involved in each other’s lives. No way this would fly with me.

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    its an old post guys

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    I think there still fwb, when your not aloud to be there with them he’s probably all over her like a cheap suit. Have more respect for yourself, your worth more than being any mans option. Best wishes. Don’t chase, replace???

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