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    I have been dating a man for 4 months. He seemed to be so into me and we go a long great. He wasn’t quite over his ex wife though and said he was jealous of her dating men. That bothered me but he gave me all his time so I didn’t worry.

    Last night he called me to come over, sat me down and said he didn’t ever see a future with me and that his only feelings for me were that I was nice.. I was shocked, devestat d and numb.

    I had just to,d him I loved him two days earlier and I think that might have been it or that we had been intimate and that was all he was interested in .

    I need help understanding what happened. Two days before he dumped me, he was talking about our future. Was it that I told him I love daddy him?

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    He wasn’t over his wife. He made that clear. I’m sorry to say it but you were a rebound. Then he realised you were serious about him and he did the right thing. He told you he wasn’t serious about you.

    It’s very dangerous to get involved with someone who still has feelings for someone else. Their heart isn’t open to love.

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    You called him daddy?

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    I’m sorry you’re hurting and have been so blindsided by him. Take time to grieve, heal and move on now.

    The fact of the matter is, he wasn’t available for a relationship. He was clearly on the rebound and when a man is not over his ex, there’s no real room for you, no matter whether they claim they’re over them or not. So there were clear, glaring signs that he was going to dump you, very soon.

    Take it as a HUGE, painful lesson. When a man is not over his ex, you WALK AWAY, no excuses, or exceptions, you are done with him. Because he will NEVER be with you in the way you want, need and deserve!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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