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    Just a conversation C and I were having and we wondered where others opinions weighed in….

    Who in a committed relationship is responsible for paying for birth control? Obviously with condoms it could easily be a shared cost. But what about for other forms? Should the cost be out solely put on the female?

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    Anne ohio

    Yes, a woman pays for her own. The topic of expense isn’t really discussed.

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    If you are on the pill, its your expense which is often covered under your heath insurance so the cost would be minimal even if there’s a co-pay. If its a condom then the man should buy them as its a cost-effective way for him to not become a daddy when not ready. Therefore, you both share in the cost by providing ‘extra protection’ if using both the pill and condom if you are not ready to be parents.

    Just know neither are 100% effective, as my (now ex) husband was able to impregnate me twice while I was on the pill. The second also resulted in a false-negative pregnancy test and later determined I was 2 months pregnant—I got him fixed after the last one lol.

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    This is an interesting question. Frankly it’s never crossed my mind that birth control expenses should be shared!! If the woman is on the pill I would expect her to pay for it and if not and they are using condoms then I would expect the man to purchase those. Of course I always feel like a woman should be self sufficient and not rely on a man to pay her way.

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    What would be nice is if men in the US would step up for women and make sure that our access to BC is not limited. Too many men blow it off as a woman’s issue, but boy, if Planned Parenthood did not exist, many, many men would be VERY UNHAPPY.

    That said, I think it depends on the relationship. I don’t think there are any rules per se. I think if a woman is having trouble affording her BC pills, then asking her boyfriend for help paying for them is acceptable.

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    Do you not have insurance?
    My insurance covers the cost of BC.

    If not, this is your responsibility because these pills are going in your body.

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    If you can’t ask for the man to help cover your birth control (which benefits him as well, so he should be offering) then he shouldn’t be getting any sex.

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    C says a responsible man offers to help pay for birth control as it benefits him too. And I said it’s the woman’s responsibility since it’s going into her body. He argued that technically condoms go into the body too, but guys typically provide those. Just thought this topic was interesting and wanted to read others opinions.

    And Khadija, I do have insurance but it doesn’t cover contraception.

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    Well if he wants to pay for it then let him 😁

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    Have you considered the HARM that BC pills do to your body while he is getting none? I think once this consideration kicks in then men would be ASHAMED to even talk about who has to pay for that. Gosh!

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    I think it’s nice (and unexpected) that he wants to help with the costs. I’ve never had a guy offer to do that. Maybe you can pay for the birth control while he pays for condoms? I do recommend using both, because neither method is 100% effective.

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