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    I am (29) with my BF (28) almost 2 years and we live together since last summer. Yesterday we talked about my friends and their relationships and baby situations, and I found out he never thought about us having baby and if I would happen to be unexpectedly pregnant, he would suggest abortion. This really surprised me, since I couldnt go to abortion, especially while in stable relationship. Then he said he needs to talk about such important decision with his parents. However, I am not pregnant and on the pill, it was all hypothetical. He also didnt know the pill is not 100% pregnancy safe until yesterday. I feel such a thing could be a dealbreaker for me, since I already been in similar situation before. This is my BF first relationship, and he said he needed some time to thing about this situation. Would appreciate any imput :)

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    you need to find out if he wants to have kids at all …
    He is 29 and you are his first girlfriend? what was he doing for 29 years then?
    if you want to have kids in the future then he is obviously not your man, but I am surprised you decided to live together without discussing kids first..

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    Why would a grown man need/want to ask his parents about having children?

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    For you at 29 it should be a deal breaker

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    Hello ladies,
    thanks for the opinions so far :) We talked yesterday more about this topic and he said he would like to have family one day. We also talked more about what abortion was and he admitted that would be no go, too.
    Yes he hasn’t been in any relationship, which for me it is not easy, however he is trying to learn fast. I guess that is also the reason we have miscommunications sometimes. And I would say the closest people he has in his life is his family, who lives in Canada.
    So now we cleared we would like to have family one day. Just he doesnt want to have it in the country we are living right now (we live in Europe), so we need to see if we could find compromise about that.
    Also, I know couples usually discuss topics related to marriaged and kids before they move in together,I believe all of it has its time.
    Thanks for “listening”! :)

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    I would believe his first response over some cleaned up version designed to appease you.

    Just know that if you get pregnant, you will likely be on your own. I would make him wear condoms every single time, in addition to the Pill you’re already taking.

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