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    I am getting totally grossed out with my BF big stomach, especially while on top of me in missionary position.

    Hes grinding and I feel like I am going to suffocate with this huge flab all over me. I told him let’s try other positions but he wants it this way. He pumps me for about 2 minutes and then it’s all done.

    I feel like hes just a machine focused on getting himself off. Not much foreplay.

    I am going to be sick!

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    Amy S

    No one is forcing you to bang Chubby. Dont be so dramatic and dump him already if you feel so sick about it. How needy are you that you stay with a guy that makes you puke ?

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    Hi Sherry-two things I will say. Number one is that if you truly loved him,the gut would not be an issue. My guy has one, and while I encourage him to work on losing it for his health,I really don’t mind otherwise. I love him as he is.
    The other thing is just for whatever reason- (maybe the gut makes it harder for him to move around?),he is not being a good lover. So talk to him about improving the sexual experience or as Amy said-break up with him.

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    Obviously other people don’t know what this is like.

    I love my BF to bits and he’s got a gut that is getting in the way in some positions. Luckily he’s happy to do other ones. I don’t have the heart to tell him how uncomfortable it is for me underneath him. I literally can’t breathe sometimes. I think he would be hurt if I told him he’s crushing me and there’s just not a nice way that I’ve thought of to tell him somehow.

    What I have done is brought up that diabetes can be a problem with a bigger waistline so I’m going to the gym to make sure I don’t have that problem (I’m about 15 lbs over what I’d like to be, I’m 5’8 and 165) so I’m taking the lead without criticizing him. He is willing to go work out with me so I’m hoping that’s the solution.

    But if your BF is that selfish and won’t even do other positions, you have a bigger problem with the relationship. And if you can’t talk it through with him somehow, then you might have to end it.

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    I have talked to him about losing weight. He has a huge appetite for hamburgers, chips and French fries. I make a point of making low fat nutritious casseroles, pasta dishes, and some salads. He says they are “boring” things to eat. I love these foods and partly because of genetics and this diet, I am on the simmer side.

    If a guy wont even try to eat things I make especially for us, it’s a bit insulting to me. I go out of my way to prepare these dishes.

    He insists on junk food which to me is just gross. I’m at a loss as to what to do. The other poster said it shouldn’t matter your guy is overweight. When I first met him he was 50 pounds lighter. It’s a personal preference that I like a guy who looks after himself. And hes letting himself go physically.

    Sometimes his eating habits like slurping loudly also turn me off. I am just losing some respect for him is all.

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    50 pounds?!

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    Sounds like it’s time for you to end this relationship.

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    Because it’s one thing for someone to gain weight for reasons they can’t help, like medication. It’s another to stuff themselves with junk food, not exercise and not care about their health or appearance any longer. It would be a turn-off to me if my boyfriend gained 50 lbs for that reason.

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    You sound like a chubby yourself.look at what he has had to put up with. You want a slim guy and you are a pudge. Plus I believe this another Stephen fake thread because none of it makes sense.

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    Better off single

    LMAO just get on top and ride it. You’re more likely to get off.


    s h a l l o w

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    You’ve got the ick. Once you have the ick there is no going back!

    Dump and find good sex

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    move on..

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    I have to agree with people saying it’s over. He’s a terrible lover and fat. You haven’t mentioned any of his good qualities like what attracted you to him in the first place.

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