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    We’ve not be dating for a very long time, but whenever we watch TV together he always comments on how attractive the women in the TV show/movie are. We were on the phone the other night and for some reason the different body types came up and he said that my body type was least attractive. He also somehow always finds a way to bring up one of my friends in conversation who has the body type he said was most attractive (i still don’t know how this came up in the convo). I try not to let it get to me but it makes me feel like he doesn’t find me attractive, even though he always says he’s joking afterwards.

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    “he said that my body type was least attractive” – and why are you TRYING not to get it to you? Most women with dignity and character would have kicked him to the curb after that.

    Why do you allow this to yourself? Can you not stand up for yourself?

    What’s going on? why can’t women push back and keep on taking crap from some idiots, losing their self esteem because ONE moron says something…

    You can’t be a sissy crying in your pillow at night! Fight back. And don’t think twice. Hit him hard where it hurts. And then dump this loser!

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    Tell him you’ve been thinking ever since he brought the topic up, and have decided that he has the least attractive body type for you.

    Then it’s Bye Felicia!

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    What he’s doing is not on. If he thinks you’re unattractive who’s forcing him to stay with you? You can do much better than this idiot. Have respect for yourself sweetie. Don’t let him speak to you like that.

    It’s fine for guys to find women on TV and movies attractive. Women do it too. My partner thinks the actress, Gal Gadot is hot. That’s fine and I agree she is extremely attractive. Does he want me to look like her? No. It’s not realistic. It’s more concerning that he keeps bringing your friend up. I would be beyond angry if my partner did that. I’d be like “well go to her then and stop wasting my time”.

    In a nutshell kick him to the curb. You don’t need someone in your life who puts you down.

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    why date someone who makes you feel your not gud enough?? I wouldn’t be with a man who says my body is not attrctive. and that also after just a few months. what a looser. and if he thinks ur friend is more attrctive why doesn’t he date her? you have just been dating for a short period. so let him go. be with a man who loves you the way you are.

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