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    Better Off do you like to sing and dance? What I mean is when at home do you sometimes sing some lines from a song of do some spontaneous improvised dance steps?

    If you do then I recommend that you start chanting out loud the Maha Mantra,i.e.The Hare Krishna mantra. If you feel like dancing when chanting then by all means do so.

    Here is the Maha Mantra:
    Hare Krishna,hare Krishna,
    Hare hare.

    Hare Rama hare Rama,

    Krishna is prounounced:’KRISH-na’ not ‘Kreesh-na’.



    To begin with and for sometime afterwards chant this mantra out loud 16 times in one daily session then stop for the day. By chanting these Divine names you will slowly but surely start to vibrate on the same Divine rate of vibration.

    Everyone should Google ‘Sri Krishna’ then click on images and behold the beautiful images of Sri Krishna and his consort Radha.

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    Better off single

    I do like to sing. I have no rhythm for dancing lol.

    Thank you Stephen ☺

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