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    Was in a LDR, intense, passionate relationship. At times his actions didn’t match his words, which made me doubt it was only me (he insisted it was only me) we split a few times over it, but never for long as we “needed” eachother & he would promise to try harder.
    A few weeks ago, he pulled the same BS. I ended it (crying, which he’s never seen). But this time (after 4 days of NC) he said “I”m so sorry. Please don’t leave. You mean everything to me. I had this epiphany. You deserve better than I treated you. I’m an idiot. I’ve never has this before, I am messing up. Please. Let me show you, please give me the chance. My feelings are so deep for you. I need you, only you” I told him I needed some time apart for now. He obliged & said he will “always wait for me, and his door will always be open for me.”
    I did keep communication lines open, even telling him that a text from him would make me smile. He mentioned he might be in town the 22nd. I told him to keep me posted, maybe we could meet. He was excited.
    That was 11 days ago. I’ve heard nothing from him.
    My question- did he mean it? If I left lines open, & encouraged him to text- why not pounce on it? text me. I know men are more literal. Did he take “time’ as I needed “space?” He never said those things before. If he meant it- why isn’t he showing it? Or does he think he is by leaving me alone? am I just expecting too much from a guy I just dumped? help? Wait, or move on? I miss him

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    Oh Gosh. Sorry if I sound harsh. But of course you will miss him. You cannot breakup without pain. You always miss the person, even if they were abusing you. Your feelings do not catch up with your rational thinking that fast.

    But you need to act based on your rational feelings. He fed you a bunch of promises but did the same thing he did before.

    This LDR and this man is a waste of your time.

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    Better off single

    See if his actions start matching up. Either way, keep moving forward with your life.

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    How many chances have you given him? If it were me I would have melted with what he said and gave him the chance to show me.

    From what you wrote, it seems the ball is in your court.

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    I think he’s giving you no contact space and will wait until you get in touch with him. If you miss him pick up the phone!

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    Why is this time different? You said every other time you split he said he would try harder. I’m hearing the same thing and I guarantee you it will happen again. it there is one thing I have learned in my many years on this earth it’s that
    This toxic cycle will continue. I have been there. You did not elaborate on what exactly his BS is but I’m willing to bet if you allow him back you will see it again.

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    Prissy Illa

    What hurts the most is you saying I didn’t consider anyone’s feelings and I was just thinking about myself and you failing to realize I was all by my self. The whole f*kg time.

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