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    Try this yogic AUM changing technique and notice the benefits.

    Sit cross legged with the spine erect but not ramrod straight. Place the backs of each hand above the knees and gently touch the thumbs and index fingers. Breathe deeply through the nostrils. Next gently place your awareness at the Manipura chakra(navel) then with your mouth open chant ‘AH’ outloud and feel the vibration in this area. Then close your mouth half-way. Doing this the sound ‘OH’ will naturally be formed. Move your awareness to the heart area(Anahata chakra). Finally close the mouth completely and the sound will naturally change to ‘Mmmm’. Become aware of Vishudda chakra(throat) and feel the vibration in your throat and nasal cavity. All this should be done in one breath with the ‘OH’ and ‘Mmmm’ being longer than the “AH”.

    Do one session of 10 repetitions per day with the view to one day being able to do 108 daily repetitions in a single session.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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