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    Ok I know that this forum isn’t the best place to come ask this question but before I start freaking out running to a drugstore to get a pregnancy test I just wanted to make sure I’m not being paranoid. Basically, I had sex unprotected about a week ago, I don’t think he came inside me. However, it’s now a week later and I’ve been experiencing some very light bleeding and light cramping. I don’t start my period for another 6 days so I know that can’t be it. Could it be implantation bleeding? I read about ovulation bleeding/spotting but that’s never happened to me before so I don’t know why it would start all of sudden. Just wondering if any of you ladies have had this experience. Ik obviously going to go to the doctors just wanted to ask on here too.

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    No, you are probably not pregnant. You are just scared and stressed.

    Think about getting an IUD

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    Liz Lemon

    How can you not know if he came inside you? If he did, it would be fairly obvious in my experience…

    you didn’t ask him if he came? If he didn’t come inside you, you probably aren’t. If he did, who knows.

    A pregnancy test would not be accurate this early anyway, I’m afraid. Hopefully he didn’t. Can you contact him and ask?

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    Of course you already know that even if he didn’t come inside, there is always a drop of sperm coming out during sex, and it is those little guys job to swim upstream.

    So why are you not on birth control? Its your responsibility to protect yourself. And condoms are not adequate protection from pregnancies.

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    The withdrawal method is not an effective method of birth control and I’ve personally known several people who got pregnant using that method. Plus you are trusting the guy in the moment to pull out. Not a good strategy!

    You should have taken the morning after pill but I think a week later now is too late. Should have been within a few days of unprotected sex. I never had any bleeding or cramping when I was pregnant so not sure it that would be a sign of it. Unfortunately if this was a week ago and your period isn’t for 6 days it is highly likely you were ovulating during the time you had sex.

    It’s too early to do a pregnancy test so unfortunately you will have to wait to find out. And we all know the waiting is the hardest part! Maybe going through this experience will make you more cautious next time!

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    You are probably not pregnant! You could be but it would be too early for a pregnancy test. As someone else said why aren’t you on birth control? there are so many options. Condoms ARE very safe to prevent pregnancies and stds so pls use them.
    Anyways if you are still worried go see a doctor. In fact go see a doctor anyway to discuss possible BC options for you. Be in charge of your own body girl.

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    @everyone, I’m not on birth control because I’ve tried a few and the side effects are just too much for me to handle. And in the long run, the cons outweigh the pros. As for the condom, yes I should have used one I know we were in the heat of the moment and decided to just do it with out.

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    Very unlikely you are pregnant with those symptoms, but you may not be so lucky next time.

    My youngest child was an accident as I felt exactly the same as you about hormone based birth control. It didn’t agree with me and I paid the price! After he was born I got a copper IUD inserted.

    Although your period is heavier during the first 6 months after insertion, no hormones are released. So it does not interfere with those side of things. Good luck!

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    I think this is a silly question to ask. Really we cant factually answer this. Take a test. Pop to your GP.

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    What I would be a lot more concerned about than a pregnancy are STIs – definitely go and get tested for both.

    I agree that it’s highly unlikely that you’re pregnant but you never know what else there was lurking. I know I’ll sound like someone’s mom but I’ll say it anyway – only have unprotected sex with someone once you both have been tested and you know that you’re both clean.

    Oh, also, a lot of STIs take a while to show so make sure to get tested several times over the next few months. I hope all is well

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    wait for few days and get an over the counter pregnancy test from a pharmacy store. unprotected sex is not just about unwanted pregnancies but also catching some STIs. and some of these are incurable. Next time do not sleep with a man unless your 100% sure hes safe and has no STIs. and protection each time is a must.

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    How old are you?

    My mom experienced the same thing in her late 40’s. But she had her ovaries removed 11 years after she had me so she wasn’t worried about pregnancy. We thought it could be cancer. But an examination determined that she was leading to menopause.

    If you’re much younger, I would visit my doctor for a professional advice. Or keep observing until my period is due and take tests if I’m indeed late. That’s what doctors would probably recommend anyway.

    Remember if you stress it, it will delay even more.

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    No one in here can predict if you are pregnant. Go to a doctor or get a home test. What is your problem? If you aren’t going to use any form of birth control than yes, you will eventually get pregnant.

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