Am I friendzoned or is there a chance she might change her mind?

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    Met a girl from Bumble and here’s how it’s gone dating wise:

    Sat 29 Dec – went for a few afternoon drinks.
    Sun 30 Dec – Went out for a meal and more drinks, ended up staying over at hers kissing most of the night, slept together but we didn’t have sex.
    Mon 31 Dec – As I woke up at hers we took her dog for a walk in the park and spent most of the day together.
    Tues 1 Jan – She came over to mine and we ordered Chinese, she didn’t stay over.
    Sat 5 Jan- Went for drinks, ended up staying at hers and we slept together, this time had sex.
    Sun 6 Jan – Went for a meal and to the cinema.
    Fri 11 Jan – She came over to mine and I cooked her a meal, she didn’t stay over.

    Didn’t hear from her for a couple of days so asked what was going on, her response was:
    “Sorry, keep meaning to message back my aunt’s staying at the moment. I’m getting nothing done. I feel we really get on and connect well which is what I’ve also been having some time to mull over, but I do think it might be more of a friendship forming than a romantic connection on my part.”

    I texted back with the following:
    No worries at all and I can imagine it’s busy, hope you’re having a nice time though. Thank you for being honest and to be honest on my part, I do really fancy you and like you quite a bit so don’t think I could be just friends which I hope you understand. If there is still a chance let me know.

    Any chance she might reach back out or should I give up all hope?

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    I’m 38 and her 37 if that makes any difference.

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    anonymous #56985

    She friendzoned you and you kindly rejected the terms. I thought the exchange was quite mature on both of your parts.

    Sorry dude, it happens that way sometimes. Don’t reach out again — how you react now will affect if she contacts you again. So give her space. Maybe you’ll sink into her mind after a while and she’ll contact you. Or not. But leave it up to her now. If anything it will probably be at least a couple of weeks or more before she reaches out (IF she reaches out).

    In the meantime, move on.

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    Thanks man, yeah I’m already moving on and have no intention of reaching out again. I’d already kind of expected it as she had gone quiet for a couple of days so am not heartbroken or anything, just a little disappointed.

    She was fairly new to Bumble and the dating app world so I’m guessing she’s suddenly seen how many men are literally at her fingertips so perhaps wanted to see what else was out there. Who knows though.

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    So she slept with you and continued to see you now she’s saying that a friendship is forming not a relationship? It doesn’t make sense to me. If a friendship is forming I’m not sure why she led you on. I don’t sleep with my male friends. I wouldn’t contact her. It sounds like she has no clue what she wants. You’d think people would grow up by the time they get to her age. I guess not.

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