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    I have been online dating about a year without success. I have definitely been ghosted a few times but now I think I am being breadcrumbed, I will try to break this down and not make a long post

    First Date end of March, just drinks and all went well. Met up again 2 days later for lunch (yes it was soon but I was travelling-He said he wanted to see me again before I left)

    He initiated contact for a couple of days after until the day I left for vacation. I contacted him once while I was away, he responds but not in his usual way. I contact him once more when I get back. I decided twice was too many and left it at that.

    A month? later he super likes me on my new Tinder account. So I swipe right he messages right away saying he doesn’t know why we stopped talking but then made up a bunch of excuses as to why. Hmm ok!? I don’t respond.

    Another month goes by, it’s my birthday he text me happy birthday. I thank him and that’s that.

    2 weeks or so later, last Friday, he calls, we talk for about 15 minutes he says he just wondered how I am and asked if I am still dating (I said yes, he said he was fed up of dating)

    The next day I send him a picture message he took ages to respond, like later that night. He then messaged me on Tuesday this week ‘hey how are you? How was your weekend’ I replied and he replies a one word answer. I reply and he doesn’t respond.

    Is this what bread-crumbingm looks like coz feel like I shouldn’t even be giving my time of day to this guy, but A) I quite liked him at the start and B) I am being polite.

    What would you wise women do?

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    I would be polite to myself and just let him go then move on. No discussion, no response needed, just, move. on.

    He doesn’t know what he wants but wants to keep you slightly interested. It’s either that or he is completely wishy washy in that he’s just not very interested at all. Ugh. How exhausting, regardless of WHY. Move on to better men who follow through.

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    He’s a waste of space! Forget manners…

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    Oh and to add I deleted his number, didn’t have it for ages and when he called me he said that I am ‘Too fiery’ and why do I delete his number so fast. I said because I don’t keep hold of numbers unnecessarily. Which is true.

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    It;s called ‘e-tethering’. Look it up and don’t ever fall in that trap.

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    Men’s interest in women is like the tides. Sometime they are very interested(full tide) and other times they are not much interested(low tide). The trick is to first recognise these ‘tides’ and not stick your head in the sand regarding their reality. Second,work out when your bfs interest waxes and wains and don’t contact him in any way when the tide is out so to speak. All this talk of ‘e-tethering’ and ‘breadcrumbing’ gives men far too much credit. Men are not nearly as ingenious and cunning as women suppose.

    One of the reasons men come back after an absence seemingly refreshed and all into you is because the tide is fully in and they are thinking:’wow Mary-Sue is such a sweet gal and I have treated her rather poorly of late. I’ll give her a call and see if we can revive things, or if not we can have a friendly chat and that’ll give her some sort of closure”.

    So men’s interest in women waxes and wains, they are NOT all about dat relationship like women.

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    Undine spragg

    It’s even less than breadcrumbs, you get nothing but texts.

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    he messages you when he is at a loose end. but not really into you. so don’t even give him a second thought.

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    ‘Undine spragg’ I believe the definition of breadcrumbs is text messages and nothing more. As I mention he text and calls (I’m not putting any emphasis on the calls just making a point) so I don’t see how that’s any less than breadcrumbing.

    Anyway, I agree with the rest of you I am wasting my time responding. He text me last night and I have left him on read. Have a feeling he’s in a relationship also, not sure why just an intuitive feeling.

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