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    I’ve had a friends with benefits with this guy (who I have a major liking for) on and off, since February. We’ve recently been FWB and have Been doing well. Its sort of like “boyfriend habits, but FWB status”. I do a lot for him, related to the FWB or not, but I make a lot of sacrifices for him…..he doesnt rrally make them back. Recently he has been really really busy with things going on in his life, or so he says, and hadnt been texting me frequently. The last time I texted him We had a bit of an argument. He hadnt texted me in days and I confronted him , a little mad. He just said he was really busy, and that he was sorry. He hasn’t talked to me in five days, and has deleted his Facebook (which he uses to contact me on).

    Did I scare him away by getting mad? Is he ignoring/is he mad? And most importantly, what the hell should I do???



    You should probably consider ending this because you’ve obviously gotten too attached. He is your FWB, not your boyfriend. He does not owe you frequent contact or anything else. You are placing boyfriend expectations on him and the more you do that, the more he will retreat.

    Time to move on from this guy before you get more hurt.



    Cut your losses and stop contacting him in any capacity. Once you get feelings for a FWB that are not reciprocated, it needs to end, because he was suck you dry taking advantage of that. Just remember from his point of view, you two had no commitment to one another. So if he doesn’t text you for days it is just no big deal, because you are not his girlfriend and he owes you nothing. It sucks, but once you reach that point, you just have to walk away before you get more hurt.


    Susan Kelman

    Hey. I’ve been seeing someone FWB for a few months. Things were great Then he just changed got this little feathered bird puts all his love affection to the bird & says he wants to date me now not have sex I’m confused



    He just wants to be friends.. He doesn’t even want the sex, sorry.


    ANM Staff

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    Hi Susan, thank you for reaching-out to the community! I’m sorry to hear about your situation.

    Your response shows up as part of a topic that is fairly old, and that means that it probably won’t get much of a response from the community. You’re welcome to start a fresh new topic – I’m sure that will have more community involvement.

    Thanks, and best wishes to you!

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