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    I had a date with a guy last Wednesday and it was all good I feel like we had a connection, however he drunk a little bit too much for my liking during the date .
    then the following day he was out with his friend drinking again and then the same on friday and saturday. basically he was drinking 4 days in a row. apparently he does that every weekend!

    I can’t drink btw

    he also told me he has some issues and he is feeling stressed.

    I liked the guy but after his behaviour and what to me looks like an alcohol addiction I have lost interest.

    I am just asking if you would agree to see him again (he wanted to) or would you leave it knowing all this?

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    if that’s an issue with you than its best you don’t meet him again. anyways it was just one meeting.

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    It does not sound like you are interested.
    If he asks you out again, just say “no thank you”.

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    For me drinking while going out does not mean he has an addiction to alcohol. To be addicted you are more likely to drink on your own and you need it on a daily bases. When you wake up, you think about the moment that you can take a drink.
    But if you felt it was too much and you cant or dont want to drink yourself, then why would you go out with him again?

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    I was interested , I had a good date with him, but it might be me but I feel like alcohol misuse is a red flag.
    he also works 3h away from me (army), but lives in my city on the weekends (10min walk from me) I am starting to think he might even has PTSD

    he asked to see me on sunday but when I agreed he kind of didn’t plan anything or ask any other questions hence why based on his issues and the distance I started to think he just wanted one night stand.

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    he was drinking 4 days in a row! also he even said he is stressed and has issues and need to stop drinking

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    I can drink 4 days in a row, a few glasses of wine a day but im not an alcoholic, not even dependant because i dont plan to drink or miss it when i dont. But if he says he has issues and needs to stop drinking then i agree yes he has drinking issues. He told you so.
    But he also stood you up? So yeah lose his number

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    well he drinks to the point when he is really drunk, last weekend he was so drunk he lost his phone wallet etc
    and you are right I didn’t think about it but yeah he stood me up

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    He sends a lot of red flags as a man not interested in anything except a good time on his weekends. He’d probably be fine as an occasional hook up, or person to hang out with, but if you are looking for a boyfriend or regular dating, there is little chance that this guy is a good choice.

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    After one date if this is bothering you say no thank you.
    Perhaps find someone who is a moderate drinker.

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    Move on, why date a guy whose lifestyle is a turn off?

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    well luk at it this way. after the first meeting base don his behaviour pattern you had your doubts. but you still decided to give him a chance. but he didn’t follow through. he made up your mind for you. don’t bother and just forget him.

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