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    Hello all,
    I used to hangout with a guy from online and he is nice guy. Last two weeks ago, we went together to club and had sexed at his home. After that day, he send me the message to have dinner and we made date his apartment. Then had sexed again. Last Friday, I stayed his apartment and went to club with him as well. And we did sex in numerous time till next day. After that day, he didn’t send me message well even he is online. When I send him some message, he did take time to send me back. Does he want to kick me out? Or don’t wanna see with me?

    Welcome your advises

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    Anna darling STOP. Why did you send him a message when you know fully well this was not the right thing to do? understand that you can’t “force” the guy to treat you well. He didn’t send you a message for a reason. Men know what they are doing. They know it very well, they think about their “moves”. If a guy does not contact you, you need to understand he didn’t just “forget”.

    He is showing you he is not interested anymore. A nicer and more decent guy would have told you that he doesn’t feel a spark. This dude is following an a-hole route. Those ones chase a few women and then keep them around for on demand sex.

    I bet my money on him contacting oyu in a 2-4 weeks. you’d take it as “he came back” but in reality, he set you up for one of his hookups or booty calls.

    Understand modern dating is a men’s game. It benefits them, the “rules” are in their favour. A woman needs to be very careful and very self protective. Do not sleep with a guy unless oyu know him for 203 months and never chase him (never initiate contact) if he neglects you as a woman or breaks basic courtesy.

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    I agree with previous poster. You slept with him WAY too soon, gave it up too easily.

    He will call you again when he is horny.

    Move on. Next time make the guy work for your attention and affections.

    Be well.

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    Emma – thank you for your words and it really means me a lot. I know that he wants me for hookup and sex. As u know, girls r very easily to attach a guy who has sexed. I won’t contact him anymore and even he contact me to say smth, I don’t want me to hurt myself. I know that I should stop in this situation. If not, I can be a sex toy whenever he wants. I will definitely stop everything from now on. I m lucky that I know him well in early stage.

    Linda – Yes, I was wrong. What I was thinking for him is I could think him as FWB before we had sexed. After sexed, I literally attached with him. So, it is a very easy way to break my heart. I do stop here for every conversation with him.
    Thank you gals m

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    I think men have the upper hand in the modern dating world if you make the mistake of sleeping with them before you even get to know them well. It is so easy to find a woman to have sex with, even if they’re seriously looking for relationships. Even if they have good intentions and are of the decent type. Blame it on the digital age where you swipe left or right to find a mate, where you scroll through hundreds of photos and communicate with a number of women at the same time. Players know that too well. It can easily be a numbers game for them. They’ll be talking to a few women, get lucky and have sex with someone on the first date, or second date, or third. It doesn’t matter really, because now that they got what they want, they’re off talking to the next woman.
    This is what happened to you Anna. If you are looking for a serious relationship, don’t have sex unless you are in a committed relationship and only after you have known the guy well.

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    Lori – thank you indeed. I did fall in love with him even I think of him as FWB. I did attach too easily. I was a crazy and feel great when he asked for dinner date at his home. I thought like he likes me. But after had the sex in yesterday, he didn’t send message to me even courtesy.
    I have to be standard on my role and have to play as well. Your saying is right that he could find out the other girl who is ready for him. I m not the only one.
    I will take note ur words and careful in future.

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    It is easy Anna – do not do home dating. No bed no sex.

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    Sue – Yeap I won’t contact him anymore even if he starts contacting to me

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    Hello Emma,
    He send the message to me now.. haha it is ridiculous.. 😂😂😂
    But I deceived not to contact him again.
    U win it … 💪🏼💪🏼

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