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    I’m afraid to tell my boyfriend my fantasies/sexuality because I feel he might judge me. He has never judged me and I don’t know why I have these feelings. How do I get over that?

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    The vast majority of guys won’t judge you for this. In fact, I bet your fantasy is fairly common. I bet it has to do with submission. That’s incredibly common among women.

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    Oh Mikey…I find submission fantasy is actually way more common among men. What OPs fantasy is having a three way with two transsexuals?

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    It depends what your fantasies are. I think some should never be said!

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    How wild are the fantasies?!

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    No, he won’t judge you when you tell him, but he will judge you after the fact. We all have sexual fantasies, but those are just fantasies. It’s different when you actually act on them. Depending on how “weird” or different your fantasies are from the norm, then he might do some second guessing in the end. Specially if the image you project is so far off from your sexual self.

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    What are they?

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    It’s sex in some public place like a park or a bar.
    My boyfriend likes to tell me his fantasies and what he dreams about me. I really enjoy knowing these. But on the other hand, I feel shy to tell him to spank me and play with my breasts

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    He will love your fantasies!

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    Just get over it hun, it will make him super happy. You can start slow. Just tell him one thing at first. Once he tells you something, say “Well, I have a secret to tell you to”, and then whisper it in his ear.

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    just tell him, playfully, (and not armed with a tick list!!!) Honestly I think that’s a fantasy a lot of people have. My fiance and I have had such a laugh with ours that we actually do have a list!!! only as an ongoing joke though, and not to actually work our way through! just talk to him about one of yours next time and see what he says

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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