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    Hey everyone, I’ve been going out with these guy for a few weeks and yesterday when we were texting I said something about feeling “too old”, because I had my 21 birthday last month, and he said to me, with these exact words: “I wouldn’t do that cause it’s illegal, but I actually like when girls look waay younger than that”. And then he suggested that when we have sex we should kind of roleplay and he wanted me to pretend to be 14. I told him that as long as it’s just a fantasy and that he wouldn’t actually go after underage girls, that’s fine, but that creeped me out a little tbh. Then today I see that he’s following 16 year old girls on Instagram and that seemed like such a huge red flag to me, I’m scared that he might be a pedophile, a predator that’s chasing these young minors. What should I do? Should I confront him about it? I’m honestly a little bit scared.

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    Can you think of any other option? Like walking away maybe? LOL Confronting a near pedofile, what’s that going to do? Do you seriously expect him to admit any of it? he is going to BS you with all sorts of explanations.

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    Ewwww. How old is this guy??

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    I confronted him about it, and he lied to me right now. He’s 28 and is following 16 year old girls on Instagram. That’s sick, I wish I could do something to help these girls stay away from him.

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    So,you are not planning to see him again? I hope that is the case.

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    He is sick. He needs help. Stay away from him.

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    To quote dr Phil. Common sense just isn’t common any more.

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    Count your blessings you see this now. Don’t ignore it.

    Maybe you’ll see him on the news one day!! And for the IG girls, unfortunately they have to understand they shouldn’t just add every person that requests them. And until he’s acted on his alleged impulses, he hasn’t committed a crime.

    Make an investment in you and stay away from this prison sentence in the making.

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