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    I just ended things with this one guy I’ve been seeing for the past month. Its been nothing but toxic for me. But at first I still wanted to give him a chance even after flaky date plans, him texing other girls while we were on a date, he even once flirted with a girl with a smile in front of me. I couldn’t take it anymore so I finally ended things with him. He asked my why I was being silent the past couple days. I said, I don’t think this is working. I liked him but it was all confusing and exhausting. At first I didn’t want to explain what he did in details that made me uncomfortable because I guess it’s not therapy session where I should help him be better you know. Isn’t that his job to figure out? But when I said goodnight, he got mad at me and said “Huh? You haven’t explained what I actually did to you so I guess I am doomed keep doing it. Whatever. Peace out!”

    WTF right? It got me pissed (I know it shouldn’t) but I couldn’t help it. So I called him out on those things about the other girls, about how lazy he was, made me things he’s not really into me. Then he said “Mostly valid” HE CONFIRMED them… What a jerk with balls, right? Then I stopped replying. I just couldn’t give him anymore energy.

    But I feel really bad right now. I think that’s also what he wanted me to feel. I feel like he wanted to hurt me back by showing me that he’s not that into me, even confirming the flirting and texting other girls part. I do feel kinda sad. I just don’t want him to get the validation so I stop texting back. What do you think guys? What should I do now?

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    Do you always keep talking to a man who shows so little interest in you?

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    He is mad because he lacks respect for you and for other women most likely, and because you’re no some idiot he can keep on a string. There isn’t much you can do, but walk away from them. I sure hope you do and block them.

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    Delete, Block & be glad you’re rid of him!

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    Thanks guys, I already blocked him and not planning to do anything with him anymore. Before he was mad, he actually said “Sorry I made you feel that way. I actually had a lot of fun with you and hope we can still be friends.” and then I said “I had fun too. Have a goodnight.” Then he started to be mad. I know I am not going to see him anymore. I just feel sad right now and I need you guys :(

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    sounds like a moron, disrespectful and an idiot!!!move on and meet a guy who will adore you and versa…life’s too short for pathetic fools.

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    It was a guy you only saw for a month! And treated you like crap from the beginning, what are you sad about?

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    Look, no body broke his arm to be rude and disrespectful. Actually you were kind enough to let him know the truth.

    No one likes to give bad news…but, you did him a favor.

    You were kind. Remember that. What he does with the valuable information is his business.

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