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    Hi everyone

    One month ago, a guy who is a bit famous in politic (not like a celebrity but he has his Wikipedia page, they talk about him on the newspapers, he was on tv) sent me a message on Facebook. He found me because we have a common friend. He started liking my articles and told me that I was “pretty” and that’s he would love to meet me and he also called me “princess”.
    I found many videos about him and he seems to be an intellectual as I am. I’m not the kind of girl who flirts or has a sex with a guy just like that. Should I meet him or do you think that it’s weird ? How can I have a serious relationship with this guy?

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    Has he even asked you out? How much of a princess can you be if after one month he hasn’t asked to see you? He isn’t that interested in you.

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    Anne Ohio

    Date him if he is your age, and lives in your town and if he asks you for a date. Otherwise, if hes not your age, doesn’t live in your town, ignore him.

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    Flirt back! Have some fun!

    Do. Not. Expect. Anything. Beyond. Fun. Banter.

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    Serious? He hasn’t even asked you on a date.

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    Throwing out sweet pet names to win you over?

    He must be looking for a queen.

    Be yourself. He’s just another guy not a god.

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    He told me that he would be happy to see me. So yes we planned to see each other !

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    Take what he says with a grain of salt until you’ve spend enough REAL TIME with him to know his true character!!!! Words are cheap and easy to throw out so don’t believe anything he says until he follows it up with consistent ACTION every single time for a very long time (many months)! Some people are naturally charismatic, are wordsmiths and men have learned what to say to get a women easily using flowery words…heck its working well on you right now and you’ve not even met him yet!

    He could very well be ‘a player’ so be super suspect about any of his words and intentions until you’ve spent enough time with him to determine if he’s blowing smoke up your you know what or is a honest, trustworthy man of good character.

    A person can only be fakers for a short time before their TRUE SELVES (one hiding behind their mask) are revealed. So look at him like an onion, he’s only revealed to you his top layer but until you get down to his core after peeling away ALL his layers, which take a lot of time, you don’t know if he’s a good man or a rotten one lying underneath the shiny surface.

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    Thank you very much for such wise words Lane !! You’re great :)
    I will follow your advise

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    WTF. Are you all crazy? NO. Just NO. Probably a fake profile. And talk about love bombing! What a waste of time. If you think you’re going to have a “serious relationship” with someone who contacts you and talks to you like this, you’re completely delusional. Even if this is really him. SMH.

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