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    I just feel so low right now. I met a guy at work we was together 3 years for most part we were happy but towards the end he became unhappy and wanted to be on his own as he said it was what he was used to so I gave him the option to leave and be happy and he did then came back and went again. It took me a year to get over him then I met another guy again great at the start we were friends I didn’t really fancy him at first but as time went on he grew on me and I fell for him I did alot with him.in the 9 months we were together but we would argue alot he would leave me every time and finish our relationship and block me om everywhere I would try get him back and the same happen again he was so over dramatic and immature about things he would emotionallg drain me out. He left me again in November and we have stayed apart with LC but he tells me he’s emotionally unavailable and doesn’t have the energy for a relationship so now I’m trying to get over him. Doesn’t hurt as bad as the first one but it hurts and I feel so low and empty. I keep blaming myself 2 guys in two years both I thought I’d stay with that this is it. I can’t shift this low feeling I want to move on and not care like they did but I’m finding it so hard…any advice?

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