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    Annabel Marston

    Hi there, I had a horrible experience today. I’ve been dating this guy for a couple of months but havent actually had many dates do to him saying he has to work long hours (hes a head chef) he has been a bit bad before not letting me know about things and then out of the blue there would be a family problem (hes very close with his family). Anyways I gave him the benefit of the doubt as I had no solid evidence that he was mucking me around. Everything was going great we’d been talking everyday and we’d planned to get together a few times this week, but I turned up at his house today….. he was meant to be in work so I called him as I saw there was another car there too, which was rather worrying for me. He didnt answer so I went and knocked the door. He answered the door in his PJs and shut the door behind me…. I could see a womans head with blonde hair through the window. He was all panicky and jumpy and kissed me and said that his sisters operation hadnt gone well (a leg op) and his mum was in the house really upset with his sisters baby. I hadnt met his mum so I knew he wasnt going to invite me in, but then he kind of pushed me away and yes I mean literally. 2 mins after getting in the car he called and asked me where I was and came and met me in the car. He told me he was sorry for his reaction and that he was really upset etc. and still wanted to see me. I listened and for about 5 mins I was ok. He told me he was going to visit his sister at the hosiptal so we could drive down together, although he drove off ahead and at one point I thought I saw him indicate to leave the road. Not long after he called me in the car and on speaker we talked all the way till I was home, this I thought was odd. When I got home something didnt feel right so I decided to go back to his house to check to see if he’d actually gone to the hospital…. his car was there and the other car was stll there….. when I arrived he text saying he was just going in to see his sister but obviously was in his house so I told him I knew he was lying and so he came out and say in the car and I drove as he attempted to make me come around to the fact he had lied to me. Anyways after a while I told him I had to take him back and go home and he got out of the car and slammed the door. Not long after I got home he text me telling me he was spending time with family….. I just couldnt be with another liar so I told him as much and we both said bye. I really dont know what to make of this situation….. everything was fine, the relationship was a happy one, I dont understand why he lied? Can someone help me understand? He didnt know himself, he just said that he didnt want to worry me about his family and didnt understand how bad it looked. How was I meant to believe it was his mum when he was so secretive?

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    Liar liar pants on fire. Write this one off.

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    This guy has been playing you for a fool, sorry to say. He was obviously with some other woman.

    I would drop him like a hot potato. Do not believe anything he says. If you stay it will tell him he can get away with this shady behavior.

    More lies will follow….

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    Ewww. Anything you thought you like about this fellow was based on lies. Run, and be grateful that you didn’t waste anymore time on him.

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    At the end of the day men are predators of women.

    There’s no simple way to explain his behaviour, all I can say, is let him go.

    If you took him back he would continue to act the same way because he has got away so far….

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    Annabel marston

    The problem girls is that he seems to always have an answer and manages to talk me around. He says he wants to be with me in a relationship and says he loves me. He has also shown me how his messages sometimes take 15 mins to get to me and so I find myself forgiving him and letting him back in. My parents think I’m a fool, but I can’t seem to let him go.

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    His actions are crap, his words are dreamy. This is why. You’ve even just admitted it yourself “he always manages to talk me around” he knows this and will continue to do this.. you will end up regretting giving him chances when you finally realise he has cheated on you or destroyed you in another way – show yourself a bit more respect 🙂

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    If you cant let him go, then its on you not him. He has shown you who he is. I would say if you cannot let him go, then accept his cheating ways and be ready to be cheated on time and again

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    I’m with Sherri. He’s a player and you’re letting yourself get played. Any future hurt you feel is on you because you know who he is and you let this happen. I’ve done that too in the past and realised it was MY FAULT I got hurt. At some point you’ll agree with your parents that you’re being a fool!

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    This is your fault for allowing him to talk you around to anything. Stop listening to him, he’s a liar and a player.

    He doesn’t care about you. If he did he wouldn’t treat you this way. Yes, knowing what a creep he is, you are a fool for having anything more to do with him.

    Start loving yourself more, and don’t allow anyone to screw you around like this.

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    Your parents are very intuitive based on age and experience and I would heed their words!

    My dad was my dating mentor and he was always right as men have this innate ability to sniff other men out and are very good at judging a man’s character. If you want to go down the hard road of dating and have very difficult and turbulent relationships then keep doing what your doing. If you don’t want to suffer a lot of heartache or heartbreak and have easier relationships then do the OPPOSITE of what your doing.

    Your an adult and have the power of choice to be treated really good or really bad. If prefer the second then you have to accept the full consequences of your choices. If you stay with him, as my mom used to tell me “you’ve made your bed, now lie in it”…in a nutshell, you can’t COMPLAIN about this guy if you CHOOSE to stay with a liar and cheater.

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    Annabel marston

    He did try and talk me around today but after reading these over and over I knew that I had to do the right thing even if it hurts so I’ve ended it. He’s tried sending texts to guilt and shock me but I’ve ignored them and although I feel like crap right now, I do feel a sense of satisfaction and calm. Thank you.

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    Well done!!
    & Don’t think we’re all here to provide you with a crap life & we don’t know a thing. I’ve done this before & thought ‘those people on that site dont know the good side of him & all the nice things he does’… Reality is, we don’t need too if we’ve heard the bad side, its not like the good outways the bad, because there shouldnt be any bad 🙂

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    A man who is transparent does not act shady.

    A man who is transparent welcomes you into his world.

    A man who is transparent is not a drama king.

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    A saying that’s stuck with me my whole life is “you burn your a$$, you sit on the blisters”.

    I look at every situation to see if it’s going to likely burn me. If it seems evident it will hurt and damage me, I’m out. That simple.

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    Why men lie? Because there are women so stupid that they are willing to believe and take back such a liar. I know, sad but true. BR

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