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    I’ve been reading all about NC and how it’s supposed to be used to better yourself and let go of the relationship. I understand that sometimes your ex will contact you in that time for whatever reason. My ex and I broke up over a stupid fight and it’s been two weeks now since I’ve talked to him. I’ve had issues I needed to work on, which I’m doing, but he is someone I want to be with. I’m wondering if after the NC period do I just lay everything out and tell him I’ve worked on myself and we should give the relationship another shot? Or should I let it progress naturally? We were wonderful together, I just made a stupid mistake and he was angry with me. (I didn’t cheat or anything). I’m learning to live on my own two feet but he isn’t someone I just want to give up on.

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    How much change can you make in two weeks? I can’t even get a haircut appointment that quickly.

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    i’d say give it about a month or so. if you really want space, or he wants space i’d say NC for a good few months might make you evaluate things differently.

    as @L said above: there isn’t much change that will probably occur in 2 weeks. as for people who do NC and break it after the “supposed” 30 day rule only to find out that things never changed, or the guy went back to his old ways – not much change is really even taken within a month. usually, people change within a span of 3-5 months – that’s substantial amount of time – that’s enough time for both sides to evaluate. if neither of you reach out…well, then you have your answer. and by that time, you might have realized this person wasn’t for you.

    either way, the more space distance and time you give yourself and the OP, the more clarity you’ll gain on the situation. 2 weeks isn’t enough for anything.

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