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    We broke up two months ago and agreed to be friends. Ladt week i met him at a pub (which i always frequent) and he was with a gal. We saw each other from afar, this week he was there again and with a gal.

    I do not not to avoid going to the pub because it is my hangout place. How should i reacr when i see him again with a gal, smile at him and say hi.

    What woukd you gals do

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    nat, that depends on you. If you can’truly say that you are over him and you are totally ok with seeing him and with being his friend then there is absolutely nothing wrong with saying hello to him and his gal friend. Now if on the other hand you still have feelings for him, don’t put yourself in that situation. You are the only one getting hurt. It can’t be easy seeing him with other women if you still care for him.

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    I still care for him and initially hurt but I want to move on. I cannot avoid him forever, he does look scare when he saw me and try to avoid looking at me….what do u gal think, why is he acting like this when in the first place he dares to show up in my hang up place

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    This is why you can not be friends with someone you still have feelings for…

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    He probably feels uncomfortable seeing you there, that’s why he acts nervous. . I get you wanting to move on, but seeing him on a regular basis isn’t helping you move on. It is just a constant reminder that you are no longer together. I know you say that you shouldn’t have to stop hanging out at your usual spot but again right now that’s not the issue, the issue is that you need to get over this guy. You should read some of the other posts on here regarding no contact. Also one last thing, if you are hoping that he will come back to you then he has to miss you. You know that old saying “can’t miss you if you are still here” men need to miss you to want to see you again, if you are constantly in his face he isn’t going to wonder what you are up to, he isn’t going to miss you. Who knows may be after doing the no contact for 30 days you will realize you don’t miss him.

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    I would avoid that pub for a couple of months…then go back when you feel better.

    If you still want to go then smile and say hello to him and her like you would anyone else.

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    Hmm. He’s going to what he knows is the place YOU hang out with his new girlfriend?

    Clearly a deliberate attempt to cause you discomfort. Come on. We all know that if we show up at our ex’s hang out spot with our new squeeze we have a really good chance of running into them.

    I think he’s trying to rub this girl in your face. For whatever reason.

    I would stop going there for a while. Don’t give him the ability to do that…especially since it’s working, it disturbed you enough that you turned to the internet for advice and support. Find a new place to go. Look at it this way, you may meet a new guy there instead of the same old same old.

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