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    I started chatting with this guy a week ago and he asked to add me on facebook messenger to chat better. He then, asked me out and gave me his phone number to contact him and confirm when Im available to meet him.. and at the same time he messaged that he will contact me the next day.
    but… he did not message the next day. Since I had his number I sent him a message and he only said hi in response. I asked how his day was and he did not reply.

    I have waited 3 days and he has not replied yet, I do see him going online on facebook messenger but does not message me.
    Should I still message him to confirm when I’m available to meet or wait for him to reply or message?
    (side note- I did not introduce myself when I sent him the text message as I assumed he would know it was me…I assumed that he would ask me if he didnt know who I was? but he didnt say anything)

    What should I do?


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    How we he assume it’s you? Just text and say who you are and when you are available. Then it’s up to him to ask you on a date.

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    Delete him & move on…

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    Devil’s Advocate

    Let me get this straight. He said he would call, he didn’t. You had his number so you texted and he didn’t reply. Guess what? If the guy still wanted to go out with you he would message!! You see he’s on messenger. He’s talking to another girl and he’s lost interest. Happens all the time. Don’t message him again.

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    Sweetheart why are you so hung up on this guy? Start chatting with someone else and if a guy starts being flakey, drop him instantly, do not go chasing after him!

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    Im confused.

    Judy mentioned to text him and tell him who I am and when Im available but others say to leave it and move on.

    Both makes sense but what is right here? should I just message him on facebook with the date time Im available and completely ignore the text message? or should I text him again

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    He is NOT INTERESTED and he has been very disrespectful to you. NO. You block him now and forget about him and move on. PLEASE. You’re going to get hurt otherwise.

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    Serious question hun, have you never dated before? This is very basic stuff. When a guy does this he changed his mind, no longer interested, etc. Guys who want you will find you and ask you out.

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    Listen to the ladies-the guy has flaked out. As for not saying it was you texting him,he could have asked “Is this Kate?” etc. Leave him be.

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    Kate, where did you start chatting? I mean before the fb messenger and phone number?

    too many means of communication makes communication confusing

    but still, he has you on fb messenger, and if the last contact on fb messenger

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    Thank you everyone for the advise…just wanted to make sure Im not doing anything to confuse him. thats all


    Pandora, We started online, then he asked to add me on facebook messenger to chat better and added me on facebook. after an hour chatting on facebook he asked me out and gave me his number to confirm my available time via text message… I havent confirm the time yet, since he didnt respond properly back.

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    I also have that case now, but my one is quite different. I prefer u don’t contact him first but u should show him that you r still active in other way like u post photos or status but all these staffs r not concerned with him. U should post how u r happy with ur friends or good vibes. Then he will recognize u as well. But don’t trust a guy in the short period and don’t get too much attached with him. If not, u r getting hurt. And start trying to chat with other guy. I know that u r too much emotional like me. Before i am like u, but dont do it. If not, u will ever lose a Guy.
    Even u r deadly in love him, let him chase u first. If not, don’t show him first as u r interested. I hope you will understanding what I mean my dear. DONT attached anyone easily.

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