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    My guy broke it off 3wks ago. I had jealousy issues and he had personal issues of his own. We dated for 5 months and things were going well until he got a booty text at 1am from his ex saying “too bad you have a gf”. He showed me the text and his response was “yeah, but if I didn’t i might take you up on the offer”. He didn’t shut it down then & there! That’s where my jealousy came into play. She hadn’t texted him since but i couldn’t forget about it and things just escalated. We broke up like 2 months later. He is addicted to Facebook, even his daughters say so. I was creeping his page all the time. I unfriended him once it ended. When he ended it he said it was just bad timing, he wants to stay friends but he has personal issues he has to take care of. Mostly financially and wanted to work on his body by working out every night. Basically no time for a gf right now.
    I texted him 5 days ago saying you’re never gonna talk to me again and he responded with it’s too soon.
    I want to send him a card or letter but not sure if i should. I’ve had his friends tell me i can do better, but i want him back. Idk what to do.

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    No no no. Never send a man a card. Move on.

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    Hi Christine-as a woman who wrote a four page letter to an ex,who I realise now,was totally unworthy of my angst and affection,and when I think of the letter,I cringe-do not do anything of the kind! FYI,he sounds uninterested/unavailable at this point-just go no contact and see what happens down the road.

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    Thanks Peggy! My gut says you are right. His loss!!

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    No. Do not send a card. That’s just stupid. Let it go and don’t contact him again until he contacts you. I’ve been there and messed a lot of things up by chasing after a guy who treated me like crap and wasn’t interested in me.

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    I’m trying to figure out why on earth this guy would show you the text from his ex considering his response to her!! He pretty much told her the door was open if you weren’t in the picture. And guess what…you’re no longer in the picture!! I’m not sure what his financial issues are but working out every night is just an excuse to break up. My husband used to work out every night when we first met and we still managed to have a relationship. He still manages to fit it in several times a week now but mostly because his job keeps him too busy the nights he’s on call.

    You contacted him and he said it was too soon. That means he wants space!! Not that he wants you to send him some emotional letter! Men hate that and I have never heard of it working. Please don’t do that. And I would also say it’s not easy to be friends with someone you still have feelings for and want back. But in this situation considering he may be hooking up with he ex again, I think you need to take his friends words to heart….you can do better.

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    I would have dumped his dumb butt as soon as he showed me that text. That’s a lot of nerve, responding like that and putting it right in your face. NO way should you send him anything and I wouldn’t bother having contact with him ever gain, you must surely have better things to do and better people in your life.

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    Kaye,Christine-in my case,he had expressed interest in seeing me/getting back together etc. Instead f being cool and making him step -up and deal with/fix some of his crap-I poured my heart out in the letter,so he knew he had me. Then he came back,supposedly interested in living together etc. He spent the night and never contacted me again! A cautionary tale.

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    He’s banging his ex. Don’t give him the satisfaction.

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    Been there done that

    Card for? I am sorry we broke up and happy that you are banging your ex? I don’t understand how can you be with an immature guy. He has a daughter and yet he acts so boyish? texting ex that he would’ve taken up on the offer. Sigh! you can do much better woman

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    Yeah, send him a sympathy card. ‘So sorry for your loss…’

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    It is amazing just how delusional we can be..

    He is banging his ex, I can bet any money on it. I am with Serena, it was a lot of “bad” nerve to show you his reply. It seems he may have wanted to sabotage things with you.

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    what could you possibly say on the card, that wasn’t conveyed by text?

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    Why would you want this jerk-off back?!

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    Do not send him a card.
    It sounds this relationship did not bring out the best in either one of you.
    In all honesty it might be for the best that you two are broken up.
    A card is not going to help if anything it will make matters worse.
    He’s asked for space, respect that and take some time to reflect on all of this.

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    Not even sure why you’d ever speak to him or want anything to do with him…ever.

    He’s a douchebag. You don’t really like douchebags do you? Nothing about his actions were ok.

    Please forget he even exists, for good. Yuck

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    Wow Hallmark is missing a gold mine here. A break up card section.

    “Sorry you’re such a douche, get well soon.”

    “My condolences on your loss of me.”

    “I just wanted to let you know, I am thinking of you, since I just burned all your stuff.”

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    Wow you guys have made me feel so much better! Yes, Hallmark needs a breap up card, kind of like go f*@k yourself, your loss! Thx for all the responses and the hard truth. I sincerely appreciate you all responding and helping me see the light!!

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    Hahaha. Shannon, I completely agree. Why doesn’t hallmark have a break-up card collection yet? Those would be a hit for sure. Effing priceless!

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    When you feel the urge to write a letter, sometimes it is helpful to write it, set it aside, and then come back and read it again a day or two later. Then ask yourself “in 5 years will this hang over my head as something I wish I had never done?” You will feel pretty stupid after re-reading it, but it will DEFINITELY make you want to rip it up and never actually send it.

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