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    We had a big fight about 3 months ago, I’ve texted him after the argument. He gave me the silent treatment. Nowhere after 3 months, I got his email that he is sorry and asked a second chance. He has temper issue and is so stubborn/self-centered.

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    Amy S

    He gives you the silent treatment and is stubborn, self centred and doesnt get in touch for 3 months. WTF. Em no he is a douchebag why on earth would you want this guys as a bf ? Seriously girl want more for yourself and raise your standards. x

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    Why would you want to be with someone who is stubborn, self-centred and has anger issues?

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    He needed 3 moths to cool down after a fight?! Wow, there’s anger and then there’s HIS type of uncontrollable rage!!!

    Walk away and keep walking, unless you want a guy who gives you the silent treatment for months every time you fight. Nobody wants that, not even if he were the last guy on earth.

    I am curious though, what did you guys fight about?

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    He wanted have sex everyday, I couldn’t give it to him because I was tired after work and would like to go home and rest lol. Thanks for feedback.

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    Close this chapter and get a new book

    He does not deserve second chance

    No more boyfriend with anger issues

    Run immediately

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    Amy S

    Anger issues at the start and then progresses down the line to wife beating. He has revealed himself in time for you to get out before the beating starts. Work on your value and self esteem issues x

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    Seriously?! He wanted sex every day and he got so angry about it, that you broke-up? Wow, I can’t believe you’d even consider giving this guy another chance. He has zero respect for you and your body and has anger issues to boot. MARRY HIM!!!

    AHAHAHA, seriously, run away!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Given the reason for the breakup and the fact that he did not get in touch for 3 months, during which time he probably tried to be with someone else but then got disappointed, so he comes back to you and asks for the second chance. Anger over something like that and his subsequent behaviour should tell you that he is a bad news. Just imagine a husband and a father of your kids with these traits. He stayed out for 3 months, let him stay out permanently. Spare yourself stress, emotional abuse and most likely physical abuse in the future.

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    So now you are ready to give him sex daily?

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    Omg, daily?? Thats like eating your favourite meal every single day…eventually you’ll get bored. Let this one go..he buggered off for 3 months without caring about you so why should you care about him now?

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    Wow he’s sounding worse and worse! Definitely forget him. You can do far better than that.

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