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    Hi All,

    So its my crushes birthday and I want to reach out to tell him happy birthday. I want to say “happy birthday, hope your bday wish is about me! (smiley face) To me this sounds fun and cute
    But my friend said that sounds slutty and like I’m giving off a sexual vibe and i look desperate.

    I met him a few months ago and been hanging out a lot. He went to Miami with his boys and we do plan to celebrate his bday upon his return. So I don’t see anything wrong with that message. Does my friend have a point?

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    If he isn’t actually dating you, I agree with your friend that it sounds pathetic.

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    yes…’s sickening…
    and it’s all about your needs..not him or his birthday

    Happy Birthday
    Hope you’re having a great time!

    That’s it

    btw…men HATE emojis

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    Wow, the other posters are a bit harsh. I’d say you should get to know the guy more and find out if has any feelings for you, before you start flirting with him. It’s best to be cautious and not creep him out.

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    Harsh? I really don’t think so. Women are so busy throwing themselves at men that are making NO effort, then come here and cry about their heartbreak.

    If you learn to date smarter, you attract higher quality men and save yourself a ton of hurt and confusion!

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    Yeah,don’t do it.

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    Your friend sounds smart in these matters-listen to her.

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    Do people older than 5 years old still make birthday wishes?

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    L-I believe the official cut-off on that is 12.

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    I don’t think it sounds slutty exactly, but yeah, kind of desperate/attention seeking.

    I’d go with “Happy Birthday Handsome”.

    Direct, but casual. He’ll know you kinda like him, but you could also play it off as innocent and not meaning much if he doesn’t pick up the ball.

    I did somehting similar with someone I was interested in once, and he got the hint. 😉

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    Your Bday text can too easily be construed to be sexual.
    And let’s face it, MOST red-blooded men will take it that way whether you meant it to be, or not.

    I would err on the side of caution and not send anything that can be taken two ways.

    Since this guy is a crush and not your BF, I would be careful to not lead with sex. Otherwise that is all you will get from him.

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    We are dating and as I men tioned we hang out a lot, every weekend we do fun and adventurous stuff, and we talk 24/7 some nights he picks me up from work and drives me home. we both came out of bad relationships so we agreed to take it slow and really get to know each other before we take it to the next step. I think its safe to say that he likes me as its pretty obvious and I like him a lot too. If he doesnt like me then he should become an actor lol…

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    If you are dating, I don’t even understand the question.

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    I think the fact that she actually remembered his birthday is a ‘hint’

    you can never go wrong with being short, sweet and direct.

    works everytime

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    If he is basically a bf I don’t understand why you are making this a big deal? Have you had sex with him? If so, then what is the issue about a sexy text? Women just love to create problems where there are none.

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    And…if you are dating why did you call him your crush. Makes no sense

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    No I have not had sex with him yet! 90 day rule…I guess I see what some of you are saying. I just that sending that would be fun and cute but after my friend told me I sounded like a slut. it threw me off.

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    @philly Dating, crush, its all in the same family

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    I don’t think it made you a slut, but if you aren’t sleeping with him yet, don’t get him worked up into thinking something is gonna happen that isn’t.

    Also, if you want a relationship and will be hurt if he sleeps with you and disappears, or ends it, don’t sleep with him.

    The 90 day rule is stupid. The only rules should be the ones that align with your values and morals.

    Sex does not bond a man to a woman. But most women bond to a man this way. So don’t have sex if you can’t handle casual outside of a relationship (and aren’t in one with him). Also I would never sleep with a man who is sleeping with others!

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    Yes, calling him your ‘crush’ if you are actually dating is confusing.

    I still think that unless you are exclusive, committed and ready to be sleeping with him your original text could take you into dangerous territory of sending the wrong message.

    My other concern is:
    does HE think you are dating?? You say you hang out a lot but to a guy that may not be dating.
    What does HE think you two are doing??

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    @phillygirl…good point on the 90 day rule, and I doubt he is sleeping with others.

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    Hahaha, “Doubt” ruining relationships since 1982.

    If you two have not discussed exclusivity, you are a fool if you believe anything without a conversation and monitoring his behavior.

    Know how many women say they don’t believe their guy is sleeping around, but they never had the convo? And when the guy isn’t available or reaching out he just “couldn’t be with another woman”.

    I’m not saying your guy IS. I am saying that making assumptions about this without confirming with him what page he is on, is beyond foolish. And a great path to your own hurt.

    I know what a crush is, and I’ve never heard anyone refer to someone they are actually dating this way.

    To me, a crush is someone who has NOT reciprocated your affection. Not trying to be a jerk, but your nomenclature is part of the reason you are getting the mixed responses you are.

    One sounds like a guy you have a thing for that barely knows you exist, the other indicates a connection.

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    Calling him a crush and someone you “hang out with” is very weird if you are dating. But he does believe he is taking you on dates right? Anyway if you are not ready to have sex don’t send that text.

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