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    Proposing to my Chinese girlfriend

    I need help! I want to propose to my Chinese girlfriend and her family is quite strict. I learned that there’s a certain tradition when it comes to marriage in Chinese culture… I’m quite overwhelmed but I really want everything to go smoothly.

    I met Chen through A Foreign Affair’s singles tour in Shenzhen, China. We’ve been in a long distance relationship for a year, of course it involved a ton of visits. She visited me and met my parents. I’m glad everyone in my family likes her. When I met her parents it was really awkward. Because her parents can’t really speak English, I like to believe they like me even a little at least.

    I’ve been talking with my friends about proposing and one said there’s a certain way in China. I got curious and started searching. There were things like dowries, which got me bewildered. I know that my girlfriend’s parents are to an extent, strict… but I don’t know if they are still traditional or still follows such practice.

    If I asked Chen that would destroy the idea of a surprise proposal… but is it better if I just propose to her and then ask her how I should ask her parents for her hand in marriage? I honestly don’t know what’s the right route to go for. I need some good advice!

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    I come from your gf’s neighbouring country. I think it is better to ask her and I am not sure if you have met her parents, but in N.E Asian culture, parents have a huge influence on their kids marriage. Of course I refused it and dated whatever guys I wanted to and will marry a guy I love 😀

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