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    Ok I was driving w my boyfriend the other day and his phone rang. Since he had it propped up while using gps, I looked at it and noticed a phone number but no name. He answered immediately. I could hear a woman’s voice. He asked, “ok is everything settled…uh huh…yeah…” then some other words in his thick accent which usually isn’t thick. Like he turned on the accent because she’s from his country.

    Then he hung up.

    We were driving and he could’ve gotten a ticket for that but risked it to answer. And there was no name attached.

    Just looked fishy….

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    Have you asked him? Could it possibly be a relative or a family friend from his country?

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    Yeah it does sound fishy…but did you ask him? If you can’t ask him you already have serious issues in the reltionship.

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    You should’ve just asked him. I mean this could be anyone relative, family, friend etc.

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    If this is your BF why did you not ask him who called?

    It is simple. When he gets a call and finishes it just ask, “Who was that?”

    Saves lots of questions in your mind.

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    Why do some women make things harder than it should be? Communicate!

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    I totally agree. Why did you not ask your BF who called?

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    Didn’t you also write another post about this guy and that you are not his gf or exclusive? And that he puts his lips on Instagram to attract women?! Lol

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    YES L…
    Same guy =(

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    He’s not your bf and can talk to whoever he wants. And since you aren’t exclusive, he’s probably having sex with them too.

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