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    There’s a guy I am seeing who is kind, friendly, handsome and texts me some cute things from time to time that make me think he’s really into me. But we only hang out when he invites me to his house at night and we watch movies or talk a bit or smoke a bit… We had one outside date that was initiated by him but it was only because I paid for a previous date and he wanted to return the favor. Other than that, we have only hung out in his house at night. I even invited him to my place one day and he never acted on it.

    When he knows it is that time of the month for me, he will still invite me over to hang out which makes me think he genuinely enjoys spending time with me beyond sex. I never feel disrespected by him either, he has manners and will kiss me hello and goodbye.But maybe I am just making excuses for him. What do you guys think? Is he just seeing how long this can go? What is a good test to see whether he really wants to possibly be my BF?

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    How long have you known this guy and where did you meet him?

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    He texts you cute things from time to time. Not consistently.

    He only invites you over at night at his place to watch movies.

    You see the fact that he invites you over when he knows you have your period as evidence that he sees you as more than a booty call.

    He doesn’t. A guy that wanted a relationship with you would be taking you on dates, talking about the future, bringing you to meet his family etc.

    You don’t need to give him a test to see if he possibly want to be your boyfriend. He’s not asking. He doesn’t want to be your boyfriend. End of story.

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    Well, just basing it on what you have told us..

    yes…he is just out to get laid
    just because he invites you over when you have your period, doesn’t make him a ‘genuine’ guy.

    You’re being fed crumbs…and you’re giving it up for nothing. You even paid for the first date.

    No…he has absolutely NO interest in you being his girlfriend

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    Nicole, if you like hooking up with him in this manner this is your choice. But be prepared emotionally that one day he’d tell you he is seeing someone else. He is not treating oyu like a GF. He is enjoying his time with you, otherwise he would not have been sleeping with you, but you are essentially a booty call and he is smart enough to understand that no woman would be a booty call if you treat her poorly.

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    Let’s see… he texts and tells you to come to him .. then has sex with you without having to do much more than pic a movie off Netflix. Even call girls get taken out on ‘dates’

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    His behavior doesn’t sound like he has any interest in the two of you being in a relationship. He just wants to keep you around for sex, but doesn’t want to make it obvious, so he’s still spending time with you when you are on your period.

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    The crumbs thing really spoke to me… its kinda sad that I thought these small little things meant he was into me for more than sex when in reality it is the bare minimum that I am getting….

    I guess because I already fell for the idea that he was a sweet guy with a heart who wouldnt disrespect me but I guess he already was 🙄🙄

    Thanks for your opinions! Im going to just forget about this guy!

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    Nicole, probably for the best. 🙂

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    Hey Nicole,

    I’m the type who ‘rips the bandage off” for somebody to see the harsh reality of a situation. When one is in the middle of something unhealthy, their judgment becomes clouded and they can’t see the real picture.

    I hope it didn’t hurt too much…but I’m glad that you’re now aware you deserve much better than that creep.


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