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    Hi, completely confused at the minute, really like this guy and not sure how he feels about me? He is someone that I have known and we have recently been spending a lot of time in the same company, I am extremely attracted to him and every time that I see him I feel even more attraction! His friends always tease him whenever I am around about me and I always catch him looking at me, though am I just in denial and hoping he is attracted to me also? If so he most likely would have asked me out, I’ve been feeling like this for over a month now, should I just move on and forget about him or what should I do? Help

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    I would move on. I’m sure he knows that you like him.

    If he hasn’t asked you out by now I doubt it will happen.

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    There’s no mixed messages here. If a guy is interested, he WILL show it!

    Unless you’re both still in highschool, don’t bother wondering too much about guys you have crushes on. Either he will ask for your number and date you or it’s not going to happen.

    I’d move on. There’s nothing happening here…

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    Has he ask you for a date?

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    He did as for my number, and asked me out on one date but nothing at all since. Probably should just move on, maybe join online dating or something

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    This sounds like something from middle school. If he asked you for a date, you went, and then he didn’t contact you he is not interested. The only exception would be if you were hiding your interest and didn’t reply to his calls or texts. But if he just didn’t contact you, then move on.

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    He hasn’t contacted me he is just always around, and I agree it is very childish. Sure that’s it really it’s not going anywhere, it is what it is I suppose

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    Agree with the comments of the other ladies. There is no such thing as mixed messages.

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