Is he in love?

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    I’ve been dating a guy for over 7 months now. He seems to be (no offense guys) – like most men, hesitant to express himself in a verbal way.

    I’m wondering from a male and female perspective, do these seem like signs he’s in love?

    He keeps everything I’ve given him (of meaning) in a special place in his house, where anyone could see. Cards, even the bags I’ve given him that had gifts in them. He has introduced me to some of his best friends, who have openly said he never brings girls around (in front of him), he stayed to take care of me a couple of times when I’ve been sick…even doing my dishes and going to the store to get me what I need during. More things too, but this is a good start….


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    He certainly cares for you and seems to be sentimental. I would guess he could be falling in love,but who knows unless he says so. If you are exclusive and his official girlfriend-there is a good chance he is/will be. If the relationship has never been defined he could just be a nice guy who sees you as a FWB. Time will tell-I would have a talk if nothing has happened at the 10 month mark.

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    Have you had a talk about where this is going? I am constantly shocked by the number of women who think they need to be silent about where a relationship is going or what they are looking for. You don’t. It is easy to talk to a man about this. And the ones who are serious are not scared away. I’ve done it so many times. I promise it’s easy.

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    It is impossible to say for sure based on what you are saying. He could just be a nice guy but it is also very possible that he loves you. While many say that actions speak louder than words, I believe that both have to be present and consistent with one another. It is true that many men will not talk about their feelings so easily, it is also true that he is thinking many positive things when he is not expressing them or taking obvious actions.

    That said I agree with the others that while in the past talks were not necessary, I have found that in today´s society you really need to have the talk in the beginning to not take a big fall later because you assumed something which was never his intention. Since it is bothering you, I do believe that you should communicate, in a nice, non-judgmental way and plan it out, do it with a clear head and be ready to leave if he is not clearly claiming to be your exclusive boyfriend. Likely he is but it is true that serious men are not scared away by serious talks when they are done the right way.

    On the other hand, if you have had the talk and he introduced you to others as his girlfriend, then I would leave the issue alone because then it is most likely your insecurities speaking but I would still ask you questions like has he talked about what he wants? Have you two talked about it? Do you want the same thing? Do you let´s say both want a family? Does he talk future and plans with you or is just enjoying the moment?

    I think that we could advise you better if you share more about the above.

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