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    we broke up and did not contact each other for months. Recently he text me on my birthday wishing me happy birthday and we communicate via texting for a while. I found out he is having many problems in his life and I encourage him to keep going, as a friend out of concern. Maybe my text was very personal as I used nickname which I used when we are dating. his reply was suddenly short and ask me how am I

    I was not ready to let him into my life again and I replied him with thanks for his concern and end off the conversation. the next day I text him information to help him to resolve his problem but he did not reply me.

    weeks later I text him.again asking him how is he but he did not reply me

    I just thought as a friend he should at least reply me with a thanks . why treat me so coldly and if so why borther to initiate contact with me and wish me happy birthday which show he still remember me

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    Hi Sandy-guessing that he is interested in many more than friends and he sensed you aren’t,so he is backing away. Just my take.

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    meant maybe being more than friends.

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    Devil’s Advocate

    What on earth do you want? Why say you are not ready to have him in your life again then text him information expecting a response? You text him again weeks later and he ignores you. Why do you care when you aren’t ready to have him in your life as a friend?

    Admit it…you thought remembering your birthday meant he wanted you back.

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    Reminds me of an ex from years ago!!!

    It sounds like he was testing the waters, but when you slipped and used the pet name he freaked out and went back into his man cave! Guys always seem to want to be the pursuer so when you changed the conversation (pet name) he was no longer in that role and it put him off. Guys always seem to want what they can’t / don’t have *sigh* as soon as there ego is stroked or there is no chase they get bored! Just move on and leave it: your better without that kind of drama in your life.

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    He wants to have casual contact and be friends, and he sensed you wanted more and backed off. It is rude and not cool of him to ignore you, but my guess is this is the case. Try to move on and don’t reach out to him. Keep him at arms length until you don’t see him or want him as anything more than a very casual friend.

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