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    I was a bridesmaid at my cousin’s wedding and found myself getting along with the best man like a house on fire. On no less than 3 occasions did he ask me to give him a chance and get to know him and I agreed that I was happy to do so. However I’ve not heard from him all week so I’m not sure if I should pursue him or leave him be. He did say he is shy so I’m sure if this could be a reason for his silence, but he was very into me.

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    Well he had to courage to ask to get to know you, not knowing if you’d say yes or no. That means he definitely has the courage to get to know you now you said yes. Wait for him to get in touch with you. If he was serious, he will don’t worry.

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    Maybe he just likes to collect phone numbers at weddings.

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    Obviously he was interested in you and probably still is. He told you he was shy. If you are as interested in him as you seem to be,,don’t stand on. ceremony… call him. You really dont have anything to lose. There is no i established arelationship yet. Listen carefully to the tone of his voice and his words. If he sounds even a bit reluctant, let it be know that at least you KNOW.

    If he asks you for a date, accept. Then let him lead thereafter. Sometimes shy guys just need a little nudge at the start.

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    Correction: ….let it be…know that at least you KNOW.

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    If he asked for you to give him a chance. Let him show why he deserves one.
    Don’t call him or make any attempts to pursue him.

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    He ask you for a chance x3 then dropped the ball?

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    Running after a man is never a good idea. Trust me on this. Let him call you. And if he does not then the house burned down.

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    It could be that he’s been busy?? 😉

    Even though he likes you and wants to take you out,
    as of yet,
    you are not his top priority.

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    Well it’s been almost a week now and it only takes a minute or two to enquire after someone

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    Ladies, those who suggest to “enquire”, this is not just an enquiry, it is more subtle. If a man asks for your number and then does not call, are you SERIOUSLY suggesting that she should contact him? He was not shy to ask for the number, which is the hardest part, he is NOT shy to text, he is not “busy”.

    If he did not text that means he is not really interested. Maybe he likes to have a “pool” of available women to bait. If a guy asks for your number and then doesn’t call you, calling him first LOWERS your value.

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    Nat, I don’t see where anyone was suggesting she contact him. I think everyone was unanimously telling her not to chase after him.

    To the OP, no, you’re probably not a top priority now, well, you’re just a girl he met at a wedding. You still may hear from him. Until you go on a date or two you should keep expectations low anyway. At this point anything can happen.

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    I heard men say they just like the challenge of getting phone numbers, but many times have no intention of using them

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    Nobody knows whether he is busy or not busy.

    He asked asked you out 3x
    you at last agree, and he goes AWOL..
    A chaser would get laid first…so that’s not it.

    unless you did something totally out there to turn him off, I wouldn’t worry about it…

    Just don’t over analyze this… you’ll never know the answer unless he calls

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    Thanks for all of your comments. Finally heard back from him and we’re aiming to meet up within the week – he wants to treat me and make up for being a douche bag. It seems he heard some untruths about me, which had been playing on his mind and this appears to be what made him keep his distance.

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    ‘Untruths?’ And you believed that? How was he a douche by waiting a week to call?

    This guy is showing problems right from the get go.

    He didn’t have to say he heard any thing bad about you, and he didn’t even have to explain why he waited a week to get in touch. All he had to do was connect, be a gentlemen, and ask you in a date.

    Do you have a firm day and time? I’m going to guess not.

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    This is why women end up on here, they do t know how to weed out the idiots.

    Nothing wrong in going out.. but this man sounds immature and flakey, at best. So go at your own risk at this point.

    I learned that if a man can’t even make a good impression the first few dates, he never will and shame on me for thinking otherwise.

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    I have to say, I agree with Sam. I learned a long time ago that if a guy was being flaky at this point in the game…when he should be trying to put his best foot forward….that IS his best foot and it’s all downhill from there.

    You should consider this Strike One.

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    Or possibly strike one AND two.

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    I agree with you Shannon. If he doesn’t shine when we meet, I’ll walk away.
    Nothing has been confirmed, but that is purely because I’m not sure of my travel arrangements at the moment.

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    So you fretted and made a big deal about him not being in touch, but now you can even confirm a date with him?

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    Just give him the benefit of the doubt once…

    It could be one of his buddies said something that rubbed him the wrong way. He’s shy..probably he’s easily swayed by his buddies.

    It maybe a bs story he heard, or maybe he is just a total ass with women and didn’t realize he said something stupid.

    Yes, most guys would have lied, and not said something as foolish as that, if they had experience with dating. Something like his mother is sick, etc.

    But again, I say give him the benefit of the doubt, at least once, and go with your gut.

    Sh*t does happen sometimes, and many of us don’t handle it very well.

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    What a load of crap you’re buying here! So how exactly did he find out these things about you weren’t true? I mean if that’s why he didn’t contact you what happened to ease his mind?

    And a man should ALWAYS treat you when he asks you out for a first date!! Why are you acting like that’s so special? “He wants to treat me” Well woo hoo! And did he say make up for being a douche bag or are those your words? I can’t even imagine just because he didn’t contact you for a week that a man would say that. He wasn’t under any obligation to ask you out so how does that make him a douche bag? It’s not like he asked you out and stood you up.

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    What untruths? Lol. This thing is off to a rough start and it’s not even started.

    What did he hear, who said it, and what changed his mind? These questions are important.

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