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    I have made a big mistake that’s has came back to haunt me!

    I was seeing a guy before who was a massive player, at that time it kind off suited me as I wasn’t looking for a committed relationship and was enjoying the fun, after a while and looking for something with a bit more commited I bumped into this old player again and he asked me out on a few dates, first time he stood me up (I should have known) so I stupidly give him a second chance after saying no to him a few times after that, he seemed consistent so I went along with it and met up with him again, ignoring the first red flag! 🙈 We went on a date and I ended up sleeping with him, now I’ve found out that he is on all online dating sights and has told people that I work with intimate details and I am really annoyed,

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    Oh well. Lesson learned,

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    Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.

    Tell him directly to knock it off. Not much you can do if he won’t though. Except tell everyone he has a micropenis. ;)

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    All you can do is restore some dignity by laughing it off. If anyone mentions it, give the impression you were playing him as much as he was playing you.

    Ignore him forever though. Totally blank him from now on. He’s not stupid, he’ll know he played you so now you have to be ice queen!

    And seriously learn from this. When someone shows you who they are, don’t expect them to change.

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    Sorry, you knew what he was and proceeded anyway. You redeem yourself by taking the high road.

    What he does is a much poorer reflection on him than you, or anyone else.

    I’d ignore it all, and NOT dignify any of it with a response. When you don’t react or acknowledge, it will die a fast death. People have short attention spans, unless you keep feeding it.

    If anyone is tactless enough to bring it up, just say “Who?” and walk away.

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    Ugh, what a waste. I don’t have much advice than others already said. Maybe in addition you need to start recognizing your own power. Look, if he didn’t care, he wouldn’t be gossiping about you. You’ve tugged on his ego strings and he is having to go to lowlife lengths to redeem himself. Now that’s pathetic.

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    Because I do not intend to sleep with him I had a sports bra on that night!

    He has even went as far as to tell them that, I had a girl come to me today in work and say that I needed to buy I bra and we had some on offer in work at the moment! Omg!! Seriously what a disaster!!

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    No. A ‘ disaster’ is a hurricane where people lose their homes and lives.

    Your situation? It’s a bunch of 16 years olds running around with sports bras and working the evening shift at walmart.

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    For this time, I have to agree with L. Laugh this off and don’t do it again. And mention his tiny weenie.

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    Drama! Party of one! For goodness sake, are you twelve? This is hilarious. And seriously a NON ISSUE. Laugh it off and move on!

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    Lol! Brilliant!! Thanks girls!! That is true!! And I actually agree and see the rubbish

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