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    Hi, i never expected this situation will happen.
    The guy who I used to chat for the month stop texting message to me in last week Friday. Since then, he didn’t send the message and today, he send the message to me as “hi, how r u doing!’
    I just stayed for a moment without sending anything to him. Then, he asked me what I did in last week and I just said that nth special. But I don’t ask him why he didn’t send me the message as I think that it is not necessary right. But I just text that “I thought that you were dead” He admit me that yes he wasn’t talkative in fews day but he didn’t mention me the main reason.

    So, how should I treat to him? Honestly, I like him but I hav a rule that I never chase a guy first. So, how should I flirt him?
    I m bad in flirting. ☺️

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    Why even bother…?

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    You are thrilled because he sent a text? big deal. that is nothing. A text is nothing. Takes no effort.

    He has your phone number. He can call you. You probably think a phone call is too much to expect, so you are thrilled by a text.

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    Honey guys do this all the time. They want an ego boost. They want to know you will be there no matter how they treat you. Don’t be that girl.

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    He did not have a conversation with you. How r u is not a conversation. does he really wonder how you are? If he cared how you are, he would have had a real conversation.

    Next time some guy texts Hey, or, how r u, think to yourself, does he really want to know how am I?

    If he wanted to know how you are, he would have called. So simple.

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    Look up “e-tethering” and this will explain what he’s doing.

    If a man isn’t taking you out on proper dates and trying to woo you over you don’t give him a second of your time….dating 101.

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    Time waster…

    Did he address you by your name?
    If not, he probably sent the same text to 3/4/5 other gals…

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    Read what everyone else said. This guy is wasting your time. Ignore, and block him.


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    Amanda Rocks

    Have you ever met this guy thats got you hanging on his every text ?

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    Great, you have a texting buddy. You can talk to him about other guys you are dating, and that you can’t chose between two, can he help with a pros and cons list. Give him an errand to do. Like can he help pick up your dry cleaning on his way. Something like that. That’s what I would do.

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    Textbook E-tethering!!!

    When will women learn…

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    How exciting!!! I’d like to report that my nails just tried and I’m leaving the salon.

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    Don’t get too excited just yet. Just be fun and sweet over texts, but don’t look eager by any means. If he asks you out, great. If he doesn’t (I’d say for sure within 2 weeks), then drop him and move on. He might just be bored and ran out of girls to talk to. Don’t take it personally if you’ve never met. Any relationship doesn’t become real until you meet in person!!

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    Thank u all of ur suggestions and I will control myself.
    I forget to mention that I met with him for 3 times like hangout in last week. I am not sure how the other date will happen but my one is really simple and like friend outing. He will stay here for 4 months then back to country. So, he told me that he doesn’t want to get any relationship in here. I either. He mentions me that thing when we start texting each other. But right now, I m about to like him. I know that it is not great and I should move on to the other guy.
    We never have the conversation as he is not the local one so sometimes language is a bit issue and can’t communicate well without seeing each other. So we prefer chatting.
    As u all advise me that I don’t wanna be a girl who is always ready for them.

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    He disappeared for a month, ignoring your last text, and then sends you a half witted text, not bothering to apologize or explain himself. What can a girl possibly do in this case? LOL

    I ma sure you’d accept whatever crumbs he’d throw your way, because you wouldn’t be posting a question here otherwise. You’d know what you should do by yourself. LOL.

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    Hi Emma,
    He just disappeared for 5 days and he did reply the text what I send to him.
    Thank you and i know what should I do for next step. I got every single valuable advise from here.

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