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    I had been seeing this guy for a year. Our relationship was mostly great: we saw each other almost every day, had amazing sex, we had a great time together, he was always there for me when I needed him, he was romantic and affectionate, he was nice to my family and overall I was – am- crazy about him…

    Then this lady approached him and offered a high profile overseas position at her company. At some point I knew they’d been hooking up for years – she travels to our country every four months- and that it all had stopped when we met. Apparently, the job offer was her way of getting him back. Still, he insisted on taking upon it, assuring me ‘nothing else’ would happen. We had some hot headed conversations on the subject and during our last talk he said that the job was just too valuable, and that if all it took was to ‘give it to her’ from time to time, he would. He said it wouldn’t mean he loved me any less … that it would be for the job and that he’d find his own way to return the favor to her and free himself from any commitment.

    Of course I showed him the door, and I refused to acknowledge his existence for weeks. And I was feeling the most miserable person in the world: I couldn’t believe I had lived to hear such words from my prince, my beloved… The day before he left, he sent me a message saying I was the best thing that had ever happened in his life… I cried every night, and every day when I arrived in my office… He started writing to me from the very first moment he arrived there… After a number of apologetic and loving emails I started to answer him in friendly terms and I agreed to talk when he got back. Long story short: he came back, we got back together and I’ve been the happiest woman for the past months.

    But two weeks ago, he talked about marriage and I know from my mom he’s planning to propose
    on my birthday which will be the 14th. (He seeked her advice on my ring size) And I do want to say yes but still that talk is in my mind… He’s said time and again just how much he regrets but I do not forget. That was tough, and maybe it was really something he said in the heat of the moment… but maybe not… I’m acting all cool but inside I fear that when he proposes I have nothing to say to him. Forists, I’d really appreciate your advice here.

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    Congratulations! So you agreed he can do the boss on the side from time to time?

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    been there done that

    I don’t understand how can you be the happiest woman? you man is giving it to another woman from time to time. Doesn’t this guy have any values and self respect? He is basically a whore for that woman. Whenever she wants him she gets him and she is paying him with a job. How can you live in a married life with such a guy? If you are that important to him, he should quit that job and get any average job at least he wouldn’t be selling himself to a woman and would be earning respectable money.

    Well it is your life afterall and if you are ok with it you should go ahead but jealousy and insecurity will kick in once you guys are married and you know he is at his “JOB”, doing a great “JOB”.

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    I’m not sure I’m buying this thread. I recall a post similar to this one last year… it feels like a recycled story. What man whores himself out for a job? Doesn’t happen.

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    Is this an except from a bad romance novel?

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    The way this post is written, I know people can get kind of flowery where love is concerned, but I’m having a hard time buying it and the scenario is just so far-fetched.

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    There is no way to prove one way or another, so I am going to assume this is the real post.

    It is not clear from your description, is he on the job now? with that woman as his boss? They are having sex from time to time?

    I can only imagine the type of agony you went through. No, I cannot imagine. I hope it is a fake post.

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    What a real ‘prince’ he is.

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    T from NY

    This story is recycled. And there are SO many fake posts lately


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    T from NY

    Ya know some of us have trouble sleeping and would appreciate posts to be genuine 😊

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    best laugh all night.

    anm continues to be a debacle and slip further into the mire.

    I love the entertainment value to be gained here at times.

    I guess…catfight is about due again now .

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    ANM = Troll City.

    None of this stuff is real lately and Harley is right, the Beeyauch fights have already begun.

    I’m outie. It’s not fun to drop in here and read this crap. It’s not even funny, it’s just pathetic.

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