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    Hi everyone,

    First of all thank you all for reading this…
    So there’s this guy and I quite like him but I doubt if his love for me is sincere or because it is just for my body and the way a lot of his friends think about (which is quite positive I think because they all tried to hit on me).
    First we texted a lot and we kissed three times, twice when we meeted and once at a party but before that we already kissed. He has said he loves me when he had had something to drink, he says I am cute and hot. He has said he wants to be serious with me if he is sure he has me but then i said that he was too confusing instead of saying i want to go for it. But now he says we are not serious that he wants to meet up and so on.
    and when we were at a party he said we werent serious and that he did not want that. So I said that he should have been honest from the start so it could be my decision as well. I said i liked him but I wasnt in love with him amd he said he thought it was crap for me and i should decide if we would meet up again. He also said i should text him, but i havent yet because i am not sure what will happen and what he wants…
    Furthermore he got cranky when i was talking to other guys an he touches me a lot.

    I am not even sure what I want from him.

    Lots of love,


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    Just my opinion, but it sounds to me that you aren’t really that interested in him. I heard a lot of complaining. If you are already complaining I would wipe my hands and move on if I were you.

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    Why don’t you take your cute self & find some guys who aren’t Creepy– These guys are!

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    A guy who really likes yuh will take you out on dates and want to be near you.

    A guy who likes you will keep in contact regularly because he doesn’t want you to forget about him.

    A guy who likes you will want to make every guy know you and he are an item.

    A guy who liked you will do everything to capture your hesrt because you have his.

    Don’t waste your time on any guy who acts like this one!

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    hi Lane can you respond to the post on is a guy too busy?

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