he is stressed and is pushing me away! why?

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    my boyfriend has been really stressed out at work lately. and is now taking it out on me. last Wednesday i ask to see if he would come over to my house and hang out (asked him days in advance with receiving no reply to this subject) so i asked one last time wedneaday he said no he isnt he was having a bad day. we got into a little fight because ive asked him days in advance and i got mad bc i got my hope up. well same thing happened on sunday. on monday i realized i was wrong ans being selfish. i apologized on text two times. then he said i was smothering him, i didnt know or think i was. so after that i stopped texting him letting him have space. later last night i wanted to invite him to dinner, because my brother is coming home tonight. he just textes back saying sorry, he wont be coming over, after work he is fixing his friends computer. why is he trying to push me away? why?

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    two possibilities, either he is really stressed and need some space, or he finds excuses.
    u already did what u were supposed to do. so now just leave him alone and wait for him to get back to you, though i know its suffering. i dont think pushing is a good way now.

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    If a guy is having a bad day and that is the real reason then he may just need time to himself. Even if it was planned in advance the guy is allowed to have a bad day and want that time, I think it would have been better to be understanding at that point. If it became a pattern that is a whole other ballgame. If he says that you are smothering him then yes, it’s good to back off for a bit and let him to come to you. It doesn’t matter why he is doing this just matters what he does or doesn’t do. Give him a little space, if he wants to come to you – he will. Good luck.

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    thanks. he has been having a really tough time a work. and its stressing him out. we talked a little today but he is very short, were meeting up friday to talk. we have been fighting for 3 days. and i recently texted him saying if he has ten mintues to spare before friday i would like to talk and fix this fight. i dont like fighting with him, and i hate going to bed knowing we still havent made up.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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