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    We met 4 months ago, we have beem texting since then,every day, because we are in a long distance relationship, it been great until now, flowing conversations, he always replied immediately and the conversations were always on Snapchat, which make them more interest9ng, since we sometimes send funny pics. We had like 6 dates, and we had already been intimate since long distabce, makes more pressure, all dates went fine, except the last one,last week, where he welcomed me with 2 kisses in the face, and I was very upset, but he doesn’t started acting different right away after this encounter. It was just out of the blue, a few days ago we started to reply with short and meaningless texts, where sometimes looked like he was just trying to get rid of me, and texting every 7h hours, like that, and I know during that, sometimes he was just gaming, which I know because I have him on steam, and he didn’t bothered to text me back, something he always did during gaming. I don’t understand because, he is the one 5that initiates the conversations, why would he does it if he does not bother to keep them up??

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    I don’t understand why you were very upset he kissed you?

    Sometimes men take a while to process things. Many don’t act straight away, they take time to consider how they feel and what they should do.

    I think he’s processing whatever went wrong last time you met. He’s obviously not happy and that’s why he’s not talking much. He’ll eventually snap out of it, talk to you about it or end your relationship.

    The other option is he wants to end it but is a coward. Instead of coming out with it, he’s planning on fading out of your life.

    All you can do is not push or chase. Be fun and friendly when you hear from him and give it time. If this carries on for more than a week or so, ask him what’s up.

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    Probably not what you want to hear but chances are, this relationship is dying.

    Long distant relationships rarely work. They are even less likely to work when they start out as long distant. Men need in person interactions for real feelings to develop.

    When is the distance going to end? Is one of you moving closer to the other soon?

    There should always been an end plan of when the distance is going to end and the sooner the better.

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    hi, it’s been like 5 days, and he keep behaving like this, yesterday I asked him, what was happening, he replied 5h later, that : He was weird like this..feeling down. i replied: what was going on? … he replied 7h later: This is me. …. I say: man, just cut to the chase. ..
    he replied late at night, and said: Im depressed. When I saw it, I did not replied immediately and while I did not answer that, he posted on snapchat a pic of himself in a Bar! .. I wnent completely mad, and half an hour later I replied to him: I wont bother you anymore, he answer imediatly:

    him: what?
    me:what what?
    him Sorry…
    me: why
    then he saw the message and never replied back.

    I think he is ghosting me

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    Yeah it sounds like the last guy I kind of sort of got involved with. He’s not interested.

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    He’s not ghosting you. He’s answering your texts.

    He may be doing a fade out, which is when you just taper off contact to sort of wean the other person off you and in preparation for the final pulling of the plug…but he’s not ghosting. If he was ghosting, he wouldn’t be answering you.

    If you ask me, you are acting like a child. “I won’t bother you anymore.” “What?” (This is him asking you where this is coming from)? Your response: What what? (CHILDISH).

    Instead of telling him what you’re upset about or what the issue is you’re flipping out and expecting him to figure it out. You’re right, this relationship is failing, but take some responsibility for it. You’re not blameless.

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    Looking all gloomy sitting at the bar, or having a good time?

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    Shannon, but he understood, since we said “sorry” after. but he didn’t reply back when I asked him why was he sorry?

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    Ok..again..is he all gloomy at the bar or having a good time?


    If he’s depressed at a bar, give the guy a break. Furthermore, people who get depressed, tend to apologize, because they know they’re being downers, or putting people out.

    They can ‘game’ a lot, drink, etc. to distract…when a guy is down, he doesn’t want to talk to ANYBODY.
    Sounds like he opened up to you..and you were in his face.

    If you care about this guy, google depression
    it ain’t all about you, you know..grow up

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    i dunno if u answer these still, weird to type it, so i KNOW the moment my bf got weird.. there was LOTS of females always i said something about it, he was very supportive and loving, said nothing would happened, girls girls all the time, disappeared one day for the first time and I flipped out, admittedly.

    I apologized, he told me he needs some time to process things, that he was hurt i didnt trust him with no reason not to, so i promised to give him space, he told me he loved me.. all seemed okay i messaged just like once that day said hoped he had a good day and i loved him.

    Okay so THAT SAME DAY< ironically hilariously, some woman on facebook starts tagging him in posts saying it would be nice to know he had a girlfriend, flipping out FAR worse than I did.

    shes messaging me, saying REAL mean stuff to him, but she ALSO confirms that he hasnt spoken to her in a month, and a few other things he had told me… She actually confirms he was telling the truth, in her rant.

    So, i publically was GREAT about it, told her i wasnt going anywhere, was sorry she was hurting, and was very sweet to her.

    I am SURE she blew up his phone and made him wanna dive nder a rock, and its only been like 12 hours, hes super ghost right now, and im worried. He doesnt deal with stress well, he just started saying i love u, and if she WAS important to him, hes probably hurting that we both know, BUT she said he hadnt spoken to her in a month, thats about right.. doesnt step on my toes. He told me wed get past me tripping, then this immedietely happened, but I did not innitiate contact, and in the face of real drama i was amazing, so should i just sit back and be quiet?

    super hard to be quiet, but more messages, may push him away

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    So, of course I sent a few more messages hahaha good lord.. I was just like, Im sure u didnt want anyone to find out that way, im not mad, just wanna make sure we are okay because of her messages.

    I said, that I was sorry I lost my cool the one night but that hopefully, this with her showed him I would be classy and have his back, in these instances.

    Hopefully she did me a favor in one of 2 ways.. A. I was right to trip, now shes tripping, hes a player, and caught, and he’ll climb under a rock..

    or. B. I proved I could handle his hoe drama classy, and he may forgive me for calling him a whore with no proof haha… Timing is everything, and Im not sure why it is almost funny this happened in the same 24 hours. I really dont know what to do, give him space?

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    I don’t really understand what you’re talking about, just that he appears to also be involved with someone else who “be tripping” to find out about you.

    I think you’re both being played.

    It’s only a matter of time before you find out his depression has a name, and it’s Jasmine or Jessica or Wilma, and then you’ll be tripping, too.

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    Wouldnt the way he handles it show that, and if thats true, what does silence mean?

    Heres the 2 things that stood out to me, as a relief…

    he had told me had been celebate 6 months waiting on a relationship, she is several states away and confirmed this.

    she said hasnt spoken to her in a month, ive been listed as his gf on facebook only for 2.5 weeks.

    So, is this an everyone needs time for closure type thing, and I should be glad he wasnt all normal with her?

    Story still checks out, is the thing, and I was so worried when a girl came out of the wood work it would be shattering, bbut she herself says was long distance and thought hed move there eventually, kinda not the same thing..

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    Okay, so some woman thinks she’s in a long distance relationship with him and you think that’s okay since he wasn’t physically cheating on you? You realizes that makes him a colossal jerk, right? Minimally?

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    I was hoping there was a second side to the story, for sure. trying not to jump to negative conclusions, on people who never met eachother, because I have had internet “almosts” before, but we both knew once we found someone close by we wouldnt talk, though on cold nigh sweet nothings were said, so i guess Im wanting it to be innocent.

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    but silence from him, now.. isnt stress, and is obviously inconsiderate, considering, right? Or, to be expected bc everyones mad at him? I just wanna know when to be like, okay didnt even try to explain, or care, im done….

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    I would just let him go. You’re hearing stories about him and he’s not reaching out. I think you should just cut your losses. Too much drama.

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    the reason why i asked how much time, is bc she flipped out at midnight, said ALOT of things, but most of them meaning we could have, and I* wanted to, not “you told me” seemed like could have been FAR worse.

    its like maybe noon here, not even sure he has seen it… the silence may be bc doesnt know what im talking about, or am i giving far too much credit?

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    its so weird when someones like u can trust me u can trust me, ur leery, u make them fight thru walls, then this… All the words sound good… I dont think any guy severs ALL ties with his overly friendly friends, properly, right away…. do they?

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    I have a tendancy to be too harsh, i dont know what to think

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    I think you’re ALL being juggled and played

    it’s called E-Tethering

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    This makes no sense… you both found out that this guy is seeing both of you and you think that you flipped out to a lesser degree than she did so you think that you deserve him more? What’s to deserve? a two timing cheating coward who is now hiding in silence? Has he responded to any of your texts? He’s trash, take him to the curb. I can’t imagine why you would spend a moment of your energy or time on this guy, it’s blatantly obvious that he was trying to carry on with both of you.

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    so u all think, that within a month, all ties would be severed, and fully told, and that there is NO rational reason that this is innocent?

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    E-tethering implies BOTH relationships are online, i see him alot..

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    Truthfully Ashley,

    I think there’s a new one in the mix.
    You two girls fighting are too much work..
    too much drama

    Ashley..it’s not just the two of you..you have to know this

    BTW…I said E-Tethering…that’s not your situation
    I meant to say E-Maintained

    That is when they meet a ‘gf’ occasionally

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