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    Well my boyfriend has never been a real big talker about his feelings. He even had a hard time explaining how he feels for me. He has always told me he loves me in the 3 years. It is just hard for him to express feelings i feel it is something thst has happened in his past. Yes very hard to deal with but we have got by.
    Well just the other day he cheated and i know this because i heard it all through the phone. He literally had sex but the conversation with the woman was nothing before and nothing after! Almost like it was just set up for that purpose. .so i don’t believe it is anything between them going on like a couple.
    So i confront him and at first he acts like he doesn’t know what i am talking about until i tell him to pull his phone out of pocket and it was still connected to mine. He knew he was caught he just left to then come back to tell me he was sorry and loves me.
    I have tried to ask him questions but i can’t get anything out ofhim. His thing is to run away so he doesn’t have to speak. Je has been staying away for that purpose and it has been 3 days not sure whatto do..
    Need help how can i approach him either way if we stay together or not i deserve the truth.
    We also think i could be pregnant. Just maybe not sure…

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    This guy cheated on you and is refusing to take any accountability by talking about it – ESPECIALLY when he thinks you’re pregnant with his child. You need to ask yourself: Is this really the kind of man you want to spend your life with? That’s a HUGE WTF red flag. Whether or not he has an emotional connection to this other person is absolutely irrelevant in my books. It was a dog act, and he’s still acting like a dog by running away with his tail between his legs. IMO, he doesn’t love you.

    Also, as far as the pregnancy goes, how long have you been “thinking” you’re pregnant? There are ways and means of finding out for sure pretty quickly. I think that should be your main priority for now. Because if you are, that could potentially take this messy situation to a whole new level.

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    I agree with some of what you are saying. I am a week and few days late took test but neg but with first child didn’t show up till 3 months on test.
    We really do have tons to work out but i can’t do it by myself and won’t beg him to speak .i am hoping he goes to church with me tomorrow maybe that will open up a door for him to speak.
    He isn’t getting off by telling me he is sorry and that it. His stuff is already pack and ready to go if thats the case.

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    Well, I wish you all the best with the pregnancy (or non pregnancy – Which ever the case may be).

    Personally, I’ve never understood why women take back men who have cheated on them, no matter how sorry they are. I know that sounds a bit nasty, but if you really think about it, it’s no worse than them betraying your trust in the first place. Let’s face it, he was unlucky this time and got caught because his cell phone was unlocked and he pocket dialled you. Who’s to say it won’t happen again?

    “He isn’t getting off by telling me he is sorry and that it.”

    - What exactly are you expecting from him?

    Remember, you need to do what makes YOU happy in the long run, and if his actions aren’t making you happy… Well… Yeah.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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