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    Hi, everyone.

    About a week before my FWB was due to go across an ocean for 3 months, we decided FINALLY after a long road of drama and all sorts of tension that we would be “friends with benefits.” Long story short, he’s more worried than he needs to be about me developing feelings beyond the FWB nature because of some other things that have happened recently.

    Because of his worries he would occasionally act a little weird in just that week before he left. Now that he’s gone, something just feels all the more off between the two of us. Now it’s a matter of me worrying I’m going to lose my friend, with or without benefits. Any move I make as I would to a friend he reads as me starting to have feelings, so it’s hard to act like just friends (which we have to act as since he’s away for 3 months.)

    Does anyone have any advice on how to navigate this situation? I feel like I should give it some time.

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    You can not be friends with someone you have feelings for…

    Very very dangerous to have FWB with someone you have feelings for. You will end up hurt.

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    Do you have feelings for him? It seems you do – and if so, then it really is best you move on. This is taking you nowhere and stopping you from finding a real reltionship. Now if you are only concerned about losing a friend, here is the solution: tell him you just want to be friends (not benefits). If you suggest that, my guess is he will quit worrying about the “feelings” thing. The truth is he sounds like the type of guy (and they do exist) that can’t himself emotionally handle a fwb.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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