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    dating world

    Hey cheap guys!!

    If you are so cheap and pathetic, please dont look for dates….~~~~!!!!!

    If you are nickels and dimes into everything, please go make more money….

    If you like to save all your money in your bank account and watch it grow, please dont date and save your money and die with it….

    If you have to ask the girl for spare change to buy yourself a drink, then you are pathetic…

    If you like to ask the girlfriend to buy you this gift and that gift, then please go back to your mama & papa (if u got one!)

    If you cant even afford to take your girlfriend out for dates, then please hide in your room and stay away from the girls….


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    Very well said. This also goes for those guys who forget their wallet or card and don’t have cash on them lol.

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    Oh dear…LOL

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    Well…. what about girls? I think same goes for women too. There are tons of girls who expect guys to pay always. Expect expensive gifts and expensive outings. Demand for a vacation and expect it to be paid. Go out with their BFs and never open their purse to even offer to pay. There are tons of gold diggers out there that men are trying to be cheap these days. Stop expecting too much. These guys are also working hard to pay their bills just like women. If you are too cheap to give nikel and dime for a drink then don’t date! stay at home and ask your mommy and daddy to buy expensive gifts on your birthdays, 1 month,3 month 6 month and a year anniversary. Come on where’s gender equality now? Women has to be treated equally but only men has to pay nice try!

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    Teejay, give us all a break. There is no “gender” equality. Penis and vagina are never going to be “equal”, getting pregnant, nursing and giving birth is never going to be “equal”. Equality was about social and civil rights dear, about the right to vote, to have education, to get equal pay at work, to have access to credit, etc. I suggest you educate yourself a little and learn to differentiate between apples and oranges. LOL

    Maybe there are some gold diggers girls who expect a lot, but most women don’t do that. They “expect” some courting, some nice pleasant courting, to feel like a woman.

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    I completely agree with you. Women want equality when it provides them advantages, and women don’t want equality when it provides them advantages. Women’s stance on topics is usually “what serves my best interests as the woman,” instead of, “what is rational or is consistent with my world view.” It’s hypocritical and women know it, but very few will admit it.

    The OP says “go make more money.” What a despicable attitude. Like it’s that simple for people to just go make more money, only to spend it on your royal highness.

    Men can be incredibly shallow regarding beauty, but women can be equally as shallow regarding money and height. Everyone says “judge people by the content of their character,” but I see a lot of shallowness by both sexes.

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    This is/was a troll post…

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    Raven, I agree. I fell for the bait, hook, line and sinker. You can hand me the “dumbass of the day” award.

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    Mike, sorry to say this, but we know you have this issue with paying for dates with women. You were incredibly unlucky, or maybe you had poor judgement when you asked those type of women out? For the love of me, none of my GFs, or simply women I know, younger or older, would do that. Going on a date with a guy for food! You said one woman did that to you. This is so…trashy, I am sorry for being blunt. Please do not get offended, I am trying to help you. Maybe you need to go for a different type?

    You need to accept the fact that women expect courtship for emotional reasons. They are almost biological. Men need to chase and hunt, we need to be courted. If a guy can’t do that, it is a huge turn off. It is not about the amount of money. If he brings you one rose, which would be 2 bucks, it would be just as pleasant as dozen of them. If he takes you out to a $15 buffet lunch and insists on paying, this is nearly as pleasant as an expensive dinner. in fact probably more pleasant as most of us would not want a man to spend too much money needlessly. Besides most women would find ways to reciprocate for the courtship they receive. Most of us would buy our men some gifts, treats, etc. AFTER we’ve been courted. So yes you need to make this “investment” first and court a woman. LOL

    I honestly think you need to get this nonsense about equality out of your head. There ain’t’ and never been and never will be biological or emotional equality between genders. Going against it will only jeopardise your chances with the opposite gender. Equality was meant in social terms, civil and social rights. If you were born 60 years ago, you would be expected to pay for a woman 100% and provide for a family. She’d be sitting at home making no money. So be grateful that the social equality allowed women to start making money to help men manage things. But it did not override or cancelled courtship.

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    Well said, those cheap guys should stay away from the dating scene.

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    You should just be single for the rest of your life if you think that way!
    No matter what relationship you get into you will end up in separation / divorce anyways!
    So you might as well stay single forever and ever!

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    I am not offended at all. I believe that the best feedback for personal growth is criticism.

    Here’s the thing. The girl that was using me for food. Honestly, I prefer her to many of the other women that I’ve dated, because at least she was telling the truth to me.

    I’ve had 4 girlfriends in my life. The first one cheated on me with one of my friends. The second one went from “I didn’t think I could feel this way about anyone”, to, “let’s just be friends” in a week. The third once was a nurse who got caught stealing drugs from the hospital she worked at. And I’m currently on number 4.

    Have I had bad luck? Probably. Am I picking poorly? I don’t think so. All four of these women are college educated and come from a high socio-economic background.

    The point of my story is to provide some background so you know where I’m coming from. Do I have an instinctual need to “chase”? I personally do not feel like I do. I do, however, feel like I have an instinctual need to protect and provide. My providership, if that’s a word, extends to people that I am very serious about. The person that I eventually marry will be provided her beyond what she expects. I’m a decently wealthy guy but I keep that hidden from people that I’m dating. And my providership instinct does not apply to people I am just getting to know. Even during the courting phase. If a woman actually likes being with me, then I will provide for her. Not before.

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    Why do you lurk around in a site where it’s mostly women? You rarely post except to complain.

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