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    I recently had a pregnancy scare as I missed my periods and on testing at home, the home pregnancy test showed positive. When I told the guy(we are not in a relationship) he didnt take it well. I went to doctor and got blood test done and thank god it came negative. So I am not pregnant!! yay! So happy.

    I informed him it was just false alarm and said sorry for freaking out. Now he is accusing me of faking pregnancy. And faking pregnancy is a crime.

    Do you think he can get me into trouble? I have no asked for money, or asked him to marry him. All I wanted was him to support me if I had to get an abortion done.

    Please advice. Thank you!

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    First of all, If he is accusing you and he is your BF and there is no trust id dumb his ass.

    Second, he can’t accuse you of anything without evidence. Did you save the false positive?

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    NO!! I threw it away what an idiot I am! :(

    He can show the email I sent to him, to inform that I got a positive pregnancy test. In all our conversations I never ever asked for any kind of financial help. I just wanted him to talk to me and if possible come with me for abortion.

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    You sound very naive and young. What trouble do you think he can get you in?

    By the way women who use abortion for birth control is irresponsible and end up getting all kinds of STI’s because they don’t think before sleeping with guys. So yes you should be happy because it was a false alarm, but you are more upset and frightened that your boyfriend thinks you faked a pregnancy and could get you in trouble, more than taking care of your health.

    Stop having sex without proper protection if you do not want to get pregnant. Having an abortion for an unwanted pregnancy should not be used for a form of birth control

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    @Reader- thank you for your response. We used to use condoms, but maybe as I missed my periods i started wondering if we had an accident.

    He is saying faking pregnancy is a crime, though i didnt fake it. I informed him before getting the blood test. So not sure if he can file a complain against be based on that. That is my concern

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    Also he is not my bf. We split up about a month ago.

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    This is BS. It is not a crime in any country I know of. You weren’t trying to shake him down for anything. If he went to the police with this they would laugh at him. Also, even if he wanted to file a civil case of some kind he’d have to show damages and he can’t do that. Forget it. And be glad you got rid of him.

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    He would have to show damages.

    Courts only care if someone was hurt.

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    Faking pregnancy is not a cime.

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    Where do you live? I don’t know of a country where faking pregnancy is a crime. It would be a crime if you’d faked pregnancy to defraud him of money but not to tell someone you’re pregnant.

    Anyway, your medical records will show you genuinely thought you were pregnant, so you have nothing to worry about.

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    Thank you very much. That’s a relief.
    I live in the US.

    I can’t believe he can stoop to such a level. As soon as I found out I’m not pregnant I informed him so that he doesn’t have to worry and this is what I get in return. Glad we split and also that this incident happened. He showed his true color

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    Look at it from his perspective. You tell him you are pregnant, stress him out, and then oops! You aren’t pregnant after all! Can you see how that would play on anyone’s mind? As a head game? Next time, if there is one, confirm with a dorctor before you go telling people you are pregnant. Unfortunately, a lot of women do fake pregnancy to try to get a guy back. Not saying you did, but no sense in rattling someone’s cage when you are not fully sure of the situation. Problem solved.

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    When I never asked him to get back together for the sake of “baby” or ask for financial help how did he assume I was trying to trick him?

    And why is it the woman’s responsibility to go through the torture alone? I had a pregnancy scare, and he was part of it so he should know. Why do I have to wait till the doctor confirms it? I don’t think it’s fair for a woman to suffer alone.

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