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    So i told my new guy that i was seeing that i hate smoking smell very much and he was smoking when we first met
    then he started to vape
    i even told him that i do not like vapers either
    then i told him i hate your smoked up car
    then he said he will clean it
    then i said it to him again and he got mad
    so i dumped him

    am i being too mean

    but of course lots of things happened in between that makes me think that he is not the one
    just not feeling it
    enough said, he was just looking to get lucky but im looking for a man to take care of me

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    Ahahahahahah. Ahahahaha. Wow, you need a robot.

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    Meh, if you don’t like them, don’t date them in the first place. You’re allowed to have standards but don’t expect others to change.

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    If you met him online and it says he smokes and you hate smoking, please don’t meet him…

    Just like anything else.. If you reaaally want a tall guy, don’t meet a guy 5’6″.

    If you reaally want an intellectual, don’t meet the guy who says he has a high school education.

    And on and on.. Because 99.9% of the time you are wasting your time.

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    Amy S

    Why did you even go out with a smoker when u hate it so bad ?? This is all your own doing. The guy is allowed to have choices in life like we all do. As Kathy says have your list of must haves or have nots but dont meet someone that doesnt meet the criteria then moan about it. No brainer really. x

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    Seems like you want a puppy. Come on You can’t tell a guy that you hate this and that and he is trying to compensate and you say nope I hate vaping too. Just look for a guy who doesn’t smoke. It isn’t easy for a smoker to quit smoking right away. You were rude!

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    Just don’t date smokers. Problem solved!

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